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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Ups and Downs of a Day in My Life

Wednesday I found myself in a delightful situation. When I arrived at my customer's house I found out they were still out of town since I had cleaned last. That meant that I all had to do was dust and freshen things up, vacuum and mop the floor. There was no need to re-clean a kitchen or bathroom that hadn't been used. It was a very quick day and the only customer I had.
This customer also has their lawyer business in the basement, which is easy too. The office manager was there while I cleaned. I came across a loose jewel and told her I found a jewel and put it on her desk. It was a diamond that had fallen out of her engagement ring.
 She had been looking everywhere for it and praying that it would be found. She looked along the sidewalk as she walked, she looked in her car, her own house, the office but hadn't found it. She thought it was lost forever and was broken hearted. She was thrilled that I found it. It was such a nice feeling that I was an answer to a prayer. What a joyful way to start the day!!
I had noticed that my car had a flat tire a few days before (my second car - not the one I was driving to work). Since I had returned home early that day, I decided it needed to be fixed. I had filled it up a couple of days earlier at a gas station and it was becoming flat again. I debated if I should change the tire with the spare, but decided to risk it to drive a few blocks to Big O.
I was worried that I wouldn't make it and would indeed have to change it - so I was hurrying. Unfortunately I must have been speeding when blue and red lights started up behind me. DARN!
The police officer asked me how fast I had been going - and I did notice that I was going 32 a little before he pulled me over (in a 25 mile speed zone). He said that he clocked me going 37 but I had slowed down - he assumed that was because I had seen him. I really hadn't seen him until he pulled me over - because I was worried about my tire. He asked me where I was going and I told him I had a flat tire and was going to Big O. He nodded and told me he noticed it was low.
I was sick! I haven't had a speeding ticket in my whole life. I was ashamed and sad that I would be getting one now. Also I just knew that my tire would flatten all the way and I would have to change it.
Then a 2nd police officer pulled up behind him. I was jolted and scared to death. Really, I'm a good law abiding citizen - why did there need to be 2 police cars pulling me over. I was mortified.
I waited... Watched the 2nd police officer speak to the first one. Then he walked back to his car and left... I let out the breath of air that I was holding.
Finally the police officer came to my window and said he would only give me a warning. What?? Yippee!!! I was relieved and shocked. Luckily for me, I know there isn't one thing on my driving record and I am sure that is why I didn't get a ticket.
I decided to risk going the next block to Big O on my (hopefully) not completely flat tire. I made it.
My tire was fixed quickly and I found out that there had been a screw in it. Oh happy day! I was able to get there without having to change the tire and have it fixed.
It was a good day!
You can bet that I am currently more aware of my speed limit. If I get pulled over again after I had just received a warning, I will be sure to get a ticket. I don't want to ruin my perfect driving record. Now I am just a safe law abiding good driver on the road - thanks to that little jolt.  

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Valerie said...

Glad you didn't get a ticket! It seems like the people that speed constantly never get tickets somehow, but I'm glad to see the good guy got a break this time. :) I haven't had a ticket either and am sure my heart will beat right out of my heart if I do. :)

And I know that anxiety of trying to get to the tire place with a low tire. Happy day that you didn't have to buy a new one!


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