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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Graduation Present

Brady wanted an 88 key Keyboard to take to college with him.

I knew it was something he needed to help with the stress of college life.

When Brady needs to relieve stress, he plays the piano and it helps him calm down and clear his mind.

I have enjoyed Brady filling our home with music everyday. It is something I am going to miss when he moves out.

We looked around at a couple music shops and found a good deal on a keyboard set with the stand and the bench.

I decided to give it to him for a graduation present.
 I only worked a 1/2 day on Wednesday, May 23rd and we decided to go purchase it. I found one on Craig's List and we went and looked at it first, but it was in pretty bad shape. We decided to just purchase the kit new.
 Here is Brady putting the stand/legs on the key board.
 Trying it out.
The nice thing about the keyboard is that he can use earphones and play to his hearts content without bothering his roommates. I am sure that it will be a hit when other students in the surrounding apartments find out he has a keyboard. Hopefully it will be useful to others around him too.

****** Update loading software fore recording from the keyboard*******
Installing Satan’s Plug-Ins

I have this midi-in-out converter to usb to allow my piano and my computer to become one! …but installing it is a nightmare and I think I failed miserably. I don’t even know what’s going on anymore and I don’t know exactly what I bout anymore, if it’s a recording device… or if the software is a recording studio (which I thought it was, but it’s not) and now my computer hates it… I’m just… sad inside. I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO! *cry*

Satan’s Plug-In Continued…

So, I actually managed to install that evil cord to my computer. However, I came across a whole new hiccup. When I bout the cord, guy who sold it to me said that it came with software… LIES. The disk that came with the cord doesn’t install any software, it only allows my computer to become compatable with the cord. So basically, I spent $70 on a cord I can’t use until I spend an extra who knows… $50+ on software that lets me use it…
I don’t think I’ll be doing any piano recordings today…

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