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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Emily's Response to the Prom Invitation

(Blogged by Brady)

Okay, so since I made Emily work so hard to decipher the clues on my invitation to the Prom, (as she so confirms) she made me work for my response. Today, as I walked into my class, there was an envelope sitting on my desk. On the inside was the following.
So, I immediately look under my desk and BAM, found another envelope. Inside was the following.
Oh, and I had to make a little cipher on the back.
It was slightly challenging because you don’t know if 1514 for example is 15 and 14, or 1, 5, 1, and 4 or any combination. So, the only problem I have with her clues as that she doesn’t really tell me that the next clue is going to be in my next class and that I can stop working on it in this class. So, when I found that the next clue was behind a poster, I’m looking all all 60 billion posters in my first period room trying to find out which one had a question on it. Apparently, none of them had questions and my teacher was like, “Yeah, I didn’t see them put any more envelopes in here besides the one under your desk.”
So next period, I immediately found which poster she was talking about. Opened it up, and started working on this puzzle I found inside during the morning announcements. 
Because the pieces were so big, I knew where it was without solving the puzzle at first glance. It was at the seminary building. There was also this frustrating piece of paper telling me where the next note was.

First of all, it says, “Unscramble” and the example uses one word examples. Apparently the words were conjoined, so the example was virtually no help but there to trick me and make me mad. So I’m looking at this and I’m like, “This is dumb, rth and nth don’t make a word! There is no vowel.” So I had to get one of Emily’s friends to help me out with solving it, since I think she was in on it. Emily, if you’re reading this, what I meant to say was that I solved it all by myself… 
Apparently, it was just a space between the last letter of each word, and the first letter was the end to the last word. … I wouldn’t define that as unscrambling though…The thing that I liked about this clue was that it actually had a location. So I knew that I wasn’t looking for plants in my choir class.
So then I went to seminary after lunch and immediately found the next envelope. I opened it up and went right away working on it. 
So I made a new cipher on the back because I thought that Y’s got their own set of 1-6 and X’s got their own set of 1-20. I was wrong though. Turns out it was just like the old one I did with just a strait 1-26, only Y^2= ee and X^2= ss.
Okay, so it said, “The location is three down and three across” And I was stumped. If this was a free response story problem on a math test, I would have wrote down, “Not enough information provided.” So, I look under some tables in my next class, and nothing.
So, I text Emily about my failure after school and drive home. When I got home I found this.
(Awe, isn’t my house cute?)
Box of candy. No "yes", just a box of candy… And here is my text message chat that I had with her. 
Me: [In school] I have no idea what three down and three across refers to.
Emily: Do you want me to help you. [I’m already driving home]
Me: [At house, getting stuff out of my car] If you could tell me what it refers to, that would be great.
Me: [At front door] Yeah, now that I’m home, I definitely feel like I missed a step.
Emily: It’s a place in the class that you have to go 3 down and 3 across to find. If you can’t get it I will tell you what you have to go 3 down and 3 across. [No duh, figured that much out on my own]
Me: It sounds like desks, but your pattern seemed to follow 1 per class, so I didn’t check my seminary. [Again, no location is specified here] My class was [had] tables and I checked… and what would you define across and down as. It would change from every point in the room.
Me: [I get impatient when I don’t get immediate replies] My class 4th period was in the AG building not the A building. Could be problems there.
Me: Just tell me something like chairs, desks, tables, and what room I have to look in. [Again, her not specifying where anything was except that I had to go by faith was really bothersome]
Emily: It was in your fourth period class and if I tell you it will definitely give it away, but it was in the cubby on the side of the room in the 3rd cubby down and the 3rd across.
Me: Yeah, if you would have mentioned shelves or cubbies, I would have gotten it. I just don’t have time to wander around class during the lesson… I mean, I kind of have to give my attention to the teachers :P
Emily: Yeah, I thought about that and realized you probably wouldn’t find it and your right, it did tie in the ending more.
Well, that about 99% concludes me getting a date for Prom. Hopefully she says yes- I’m so anxious. :D

Here is the last clue that Brady found the next day:
Brady found out later that night that the coins had
 "Y E S !" on them - probably with a little help from Emily.


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Zoey said...

Brady, your house is really cute! I hope you have a great time at the dance!


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