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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Harvest Dance Pictures

Harvest Dance 2011

Emily asked Brady - Yea!
 Brady and Emily

The T-Shirt says:

I "heart" This Mormon Boy/Girl
 On the back their names
 The girls were very creative with the T-shirts. I LOVED them!

What a great example these young kids brought to the dance. I'm sure lots of kids wanted to be one of those weird Mormon kids. They had such fun!
 A rainbow of color. The first shirts are purple although the color is off in the photo.. Brady and Emily are navy then the next couple is blue.

 This photo cracked me up.
The boys on the girls back .... ha ha ha
 Earlier that day they had a fun activity for the group. Each couple decorated a cake with their hands tied together.

Emily and Brady's was a beach themed cake.
 They won 3rd place.
All the cakes.
They had dinner at a local church. Brady said it was very yummy.
They had a great time.
Emily confessed that her checks were so sore from smiling so much.

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Zoey said...

Emily confessed that her cheeks were so sore from smiling so much.

SO cute! I love the shirts and the rainbow look. So much fun! I hope that Brady continues to choose amazing friends!


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