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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Brady Lettered

 Brady now holds a High School letter for cross country!! It is very exciting and I am very proud of his achievements!
Before the coaches handed out the awards we had a pot luck dinner. Then the coaches gave out prank awards to each student.
Brady's prank award was a CD case from Butt Furr.
He won this because he is the hairiest boy on the team.
I thought it was a pretty nice give compared to some of the prank gifts they gave. Some of the prank gifts bordered on meanness. I know it was done in fun, but some were a little shocking. Brady has already loaded his CD case with his favorite CD's for his car.
 In a way, it's a little sad to know this is the last year Brady will have in Cross Country. It's been a wonderful 6 years and I've loved every minute of it.
A couple of pictures of Brady through the years of Cross Country:

Nathan 1248 and Brady 1242 have been very close in each race. Sometimes Nathan wins and sometimes Brady does. Boise runner #302 is one of my favorite customer's (Becky) son Gary. Gary also ran right near Brady during races between Meridian and Boise. It's fun that he's in quite a few of our pictures and that I could cheer for him too.


Garden of Egan said...

How awesome!
He is a great looking kid and has accomplished so much.
You should be proud.

Cherie said...

Good job to Brady!!
I couldn't go as that was the day of my fun colonoscopy and I was quite out of it! (literally ha ha)
I see my husband in one of those picture.

Brady is such a handsome dude - I love seeing all the pictures through the year. Those years go tooo fast but hold such wonderful memories.

Rhonda said...

Way cool!

Zoey said...

So proud of him for sticking to it and finishing 6 years! That is an amazing accomplishment!

Valerie said...

What a silly award! I guess some kids can really laugh off silly awards, comments, etc. even if they are harsh. I hope no feelings were hurt. I'm the kind of person that would not do well with that kind of thing.


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