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Monday, September 26, 2011

Jason and Sharon's Wedding

The wedding turned out beautifully! We couldn't have been happier on how everything came together.
Thankfully family and friends took these pictures. Brady was recording videos the day before the wedding for a project he is doing for his choir class. Before the wedding I grabbed my camera and put it on the seat I was going to sit in. When I sat down and turned on my camera - it didn't have any batteries in it (thanks Brady). Luckily others took pictures for me to share until the professional ones are ready. Here are some highlights.

The weather was perfect!

Married September 18, 2011
Jason and Sharon
 Jason's friend Mike performed the wedding. This was the first one he had performed since getting his license. He was an awesome young man, fun, outgoing and friendly.

Jason waiting for his bride to come down the aisle.
(we decorated the arch and it turned out beautiful)
The flower girl was Hope my niece.
Sharon didn't want to have anyone walk her down the aisle until the rehearsal dinner. Then she decided she needed someone to keep her steady in high heels.

She asked Brady to walk her down the aisle. It was a wonderful choice.
I haven't seen any pictures of the brides maids or the other best man. The man standing next to Jason is Nick. His son was the ring bearer, but so far I haven't see a picture of him. Nick gave a wonderful toast after the wedding. I'm trying to get a copy of what he said, it was very touching.
 The rings.
 The kiss.
 The happy couple!!!! Yippie!
 Walking back down the aisle as husband and wife as we blew bubbles at them -- you can see one bubble in the picture. It was fun as the whole back yard was full of bubbles.
They are soooo cute. This is outside the gate walking into the back yard. We put up dowels, ribbon and balloons to signal the way to the wedding. The yard looked beautiful with millions of flowers everywhere. 
 I love this picture!
 The 2 dads.
Mitch, Jason, Sharon and Lawrence.
I finally met Mitch who is Lawrence's partner. Lawrence is Jason's dad.
Mitch was a very nice man and both of them were a huge help in preparing for the wedding.
Family picture.
Sondra, Jason, Sharon and Lawrence.
My mom, Grandma Zoey, Mitch, Jason, Sharon, Lawrence, Brady and Me.

It was a fabulous wedding on a budget. We couldn't have been happier by the turn out of family and friends. It was a wonderful evening!


Rhonda said...

I am so glad we were able to be with them on their special day. You did such a beautiful job pulling everything together and the weather was perfect!

Zoey said...

Great pictures for not taking any of them! You did a great job!


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