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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Brady Haircut & Nerd Glasses

September 19th Brady had his hair cut and colored. He is such a hoot that when he returned home he wanted his picture taken so he could put them on facebook. I had to add them to my blog with his facebook comments - because he is such a funny boy. He always keeps us smiling!

He totally cracks me up that he LOVES those nerdy glasses. He's been wearing them for days - LOL!
Brady : Yeah, I'm cute, we all know this.

Danielle's comment: Brady, you're so vain... you probably think that statement was about you. Which it was since it was directed at you but just like that song I'll make it seem like that's vanity too even though I called you out because it's a one sided comment! :P :P :P

Stacy comment: ha ha ya Brady you're a sexy beast! ;)
Brady: Just a pic of my new haircut.
Brady: More of my body, I know you guys were sad you were missing out.
Brady: I sometimes wish I could wear this glasses all the time. Big glasses make me happy.
Brady: Amber's twin day - Nerd glasses
Brady: Red flowers... to symbolise my gushing nerd love.
These glasses must be giving me super powers! Today in cross country, guess what I found! A four leaf clover! The first four leaf clover I have ever found in my life. Then everyone started to look for them, and I was a little obsessed so I started looking for them more. 
Within 10 minutes of finding the first one, I found a second one! Double luck!
I'm going to press them and make a lucky bookmark.

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