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Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Joy of Brady's Driving

It is wonderful that Brady is Driving.

I think I am getting old and tired after all these years of juggling my busy schedule to drive my children to their activities. Counting Jason, I've been driving them around for 21 years. I'm tired. 

This month, Brady has been able to drive himself to all the many activities he is involved with. I am LOVING it!

I didn't have to change my schedule to get him registered for his Senior year. He did it on his own. 
He did call me with his frustration on his schedule because he didn't get all the classes he wanted. 
Unfortunately he did not get French II because it was only available during his AP classes. From what we understand, colleges like 2 consecutive years of a foreign language. Brady has a year of Spanish and a year of French. He switched to French because he didn't care for the Spanish teacher. Now, he will not have 2 years of one language. I told him not to fret about it, because with his grades, it shouldn't matter that much. At least I hope that shouldn't be a reason he will NOT get into college. 

Brady HAS sold his life to school this year. He has 4 AP classes. Did I mention that his report card GPA from last year was 4.14?? He is such a brilliant student! One disappointment though - he didn't take the college course exam on the AP classes he took last year. When I asked about it, he said it was $80 and nobody passes it - he didn't even tell me the test was happening until it was over. I was mad - that is the purpose of  AP classes - to get college credit. This year he WILL take those tests!

This year the fees are bigger because we have to pay extra for sports. For each sport your child is involved with you have to pay $110 for the first 2 sports . . . . AND you have to pay $75 for band and choir. Since Brady didn't get into French II his alternate class was Choir - another $75 .... 

I still feel like paying these fees is better then another tax hike (which the voters voted down). I am in support of NOT raising more taxes - it is NEVER enough! Let the children fund their own extra activities by doing fund raisers. That is what we had to do - car washes and such. It made me laugh that there was a news story on our local TV station about kids having to earn money the old fashion way - car washes. 

I worked from 16 years on and paid for my own drill team, flag team, pep club, all other activities and uniforms by myself. What's wrong with doing that? I don't like TAX INCREASES. (I'll get off my soap box)
It's been heaven that Brady can drive himself to Cross Country practice each morning and each evening. During the past few years, I've had to go to work late and work like mad to get off work in time to drive him to the afternoon practice. Now I don't have to stress about that either. When I get off work, I get to stay home!!! 

It IS a different world when you are a single mom and having the full responsibility of everything. I'm not complaining because I have managed to do it. But I am relishing in the joy of NOT having to do it this year.

It's pure JOY!


Valerie said...

The fees really add up! My son Alexander is a sophomore and is did summer marching band for another year and is now in fall marching band plus he is doing percussion ensemble. They all have their own fees and then more money for the tour. Ouch! Alexander does have to earn the money, but you know how hard that is when they are so busy. Glad you have some rest with the chauffer part. :)

Cherie said...

It really is SO nice when kids can drive. I have loved it every time one of my kids gets their license.

I think when I had all 5 at home before my oldest got his license I truly lived in the car. Taking, picking up, keeping track of 5 kids schedules and rarely did I have help with my husband traveling or at church meetings.

Taylor got his license in April and it has been so great!!
It totally is freedom for mom.

School expenses have really gone up. I had to laugh at the $5.00 charge for campus security. I don't remember that one if they paid it before.

Zoey said...

Yep! I am so excited for you! I could tell that Brady was not happy about his schedule, but I hope that this year is awesome for him!


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