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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Leaving for the Pioneer Trek

It's been a busy week getting Brady ready to leave for the Pioneer Trek.
Brady went when he was 12 years old, which meant we had most of the stuff on the list. 
We needed to purchase a new hat and 2 long sleeve button down shirts. 
Brady wanted a gray and a black shirt and a black hat. I hope he doesn't get too hot, but he wouldn't listen that black attacks the sun. Teenagers know everything though and I guess he has to learn on his own.
I still had Brady's old shirts in the closet from the last Trek and thankfully was able to give them to another boy in our ward to wear - yea! 
 Tuesday night we took over his bucket of personal items, clothing and scriptures. It had to be 17 lbs or less and contain only the items on the list. We forgot his sleeping bag so I ran home, grabbed it and returned back to the church. 

Here are the list of items they could take.
Prior to leaving on the trek, they had to research an ancestor who crossed the plains as a pioneer. 
He was born on May 7, 1811 in Miton Cumberland, England
He died April 24, 1871 in Logan, Utah

He traveled west with the Warren Foote Company that had 504 pioneers and 104 wagons in the company.
The company left Kanesville, Iowa on June 17, 1850.
They arrived in the Salt Lake Valley on September 26, 1850. 
It took them 3 months to arrive in Salt Lake.
Family that traveled:
Peter (39 years old), Mary Ann Weston (33) wife, John Harrison (19), William Harrison (16) he was my great, great grandfather, Thomas Harrison (13) Mary Ann (11), Charles Weston (6), Peter Weston (3) Joseph Weston (Infant)

**Side note: William Harrison's mother was Ruth Harrison.
Ruth was born on January 26, 1812
In Alston Cumberland, England
Peter and Ruth were married October 1, 1831 (Ruth was 19 years old)
Ruth died March 26, 1841 in Alston Comberland, England (She was only 29 years old)
Her children were John Harrison, Agnes, William Harrison, Thomas Harrison and Mary Ann and Ruth.
I'm assuming Ruth passed away from complications from Baby Ruth's birth. Baby Ruth was born Feb 12, 1841 and Mother Ruth died March 26, 1841. They must have been planning to travel to America, because Baby Ruth died at sea in the Atlantic Ocean on May 5, 1841 and was buried at sea.

(Also, Agnes didn't travel with Peter (father) across the plains in this record. I wonder if she was married and went with another family. It's something I need to research).  *Yes, she was married in 1848 in Wisconsin. She was 16 when she got married. She died at age 79 and was the mother of 7 children.

 Brady's Ma and Pa are Brother and Sister Shelton. They look like really nice people. Brady is the oldest son, but isn't the oldest. He has an older sister. 
They have 11 children in their family.
There is one 12 year old girl from our ward in his family. All the rest of the kids are from different wards and Brady doesn't know them. This helps them meet other people and bond as a Pioneer family. They also travel with a flour sack baby filled with rice that probably weighs 10 pounds that they have to carry along the trek. Sometimes the baby dies along the trek, depending if the namesake of the flour sack baby died on the trail. I'll find out when Brady returns. 
 Here is all their gear ready to be loaded on the buses, which takes them to a Wyoming trail.
 Wednesday morning we woke up at 3:40 am. I made a pancake breakfast for Brady and a huge sack lunch. Brady had to call his Ma and Pa before 4:00 am to let them know he was up and getting ready.
We had to be at the church by 4:30 am. 
Early morning. Yawn! 
Off they go to have a wonderful, spiritual experience. I'm really excited that the youth have these types of activities and can understand what the pioneers went through to cross the plains. 

The pioneers had to leave to be safe from the persecution they went through because they were Mormon AND the extermination order placed on them. The were drove out and traveled to the West to a place of safety. They found their home in the desert, a place no one wanted. It was a hard land to journey to. Through their determination, they made the desert bloom! 

To make walking along the trail more joyful, they sing songs and at the end of the day around the camp fire. They will also be taught dances and games. The dances they learn will be demonstrated at our Stake Pioneer activity on July 23 for Pioneer day on the 24th (a Sunday).  

Brady's Pioneer family also has a theme song:

The Shelton Family went on Trek
Our handcart we'll try not to wreck
With a baby made of rice
And when we're done our legs we'll ice. 

They arrive home on Saturday July 16th ... dirty and tired. I'll post a homecoming then. 


Garden of Egan said...

I am excited for Brady.
We took our ward youth to Martin's Cove 6 years ago. It was an incredible experience.

It will be fun to hear about his adventure. Fun that he gets to go a second time.

Rhonda said...

He will have a great time! I watched the video of the girls' trek last year and parts of it made me cry. The bus they are going on looks really nice, we had school buses.

Zoey said...

So interesting. I didn't know that he was doing that. It sounds like a memorable experience!!!


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