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Sunday, July 24, 2011

3rd Day of Pioneer Trek Journal by Brady

Friday, July 15, 2011

Today's sleeping conditions were bad compared to last nights. Last time our camp had tall grass which acted like a cushion. Last night was like sleeping on a rock. I could only sleep on my back. When I turned to sleep on my side, the ground would jab into my pelvis and my ribs. Braden would roll in his sleep, taking up some of my space and when trying to gently push (kick) him back failed, I sucked it up and attempted to lay on my side. To add to that, I had to pee about an hour before I went to bed, but with people still up, I was too lazy to walk all the way to where the port-a-potties were. 
Then my allergies were still bad, even though I took Benadryl. My right nostril was clogged, with absolutely no hope of even clearing with a tissue. So the whole night I was sleeping with my mouth open which made it really dry. So I am sleeping on a hard ground, Braden is ramming into me, my nose is clogged and my mouth is dry and I have to go pee. 

Finally I decided to get up and leave the tent to go get some water and pee. When I sat up, my nose cleared up, but when I came back, it switched from right to left nostril, but I was able to breath out of my nose. After I was able to go back to sleep after leaving, the night then went pretty okay.
For breakfast, we had breakfast burritos, with some rubbery eggs, really crispy bacon, cheese (which was the only normal thing) and a small tortilla which popped when I folded it. I already don't enjoy breakfast burritos as it is, so breakfast was a little light. 

During one of the worst hills ever on our trek. They decided to have the "Priesthood Pull". That was a nightmare. So we had a spiritual gathering with just the Priesthood and then we embarked on our painful journey. There were supposed to be spectators that would be "angels" and help those carts that were struggling. Well, I for one was struggling. I was panting as hard as my body would let me, so I was probably hyperventilating a tad. It was as intense as sprinting the last 400 meters or so of a mile or a cross country race. 
We were one of the carts who got support, which I think more got support from the "angels" then didn't. Then we came to where the women were. The first person I noticed was my Ma. When we approached her, she joined to help push. When we passed other women in our family they came to help push as well. I was so relieved, but still panting like crazy. 
When we were able to stop, sister Blacker gave me a hug. Then Ma came and did the same. After the embrace, she pulled out a piece of candy, a lifesaver, which is exactly what it was. It was the best thing that has enter my mouth all week. I think, because of the exhaustion, it tasted extra good. When we got to a snack break, shortly after, all of my sisters came and gave me a hug, followed by comments of how bad they felt for us. According to them, they were slightly exhausted just walking up the hill. 

For some reason, due to my rapid breathing, my lungs decided it was time to move mucus out of my lungs and for the next 10  minutes or so, I was coughing bunches. Lisa started to command us (especially me) to take a break. She didn't really want me pushing for a while and flipped a little when I was slightly pushing the back of the handcart shortly afterwards. I assured her I was fine and continued pushing the back. 

It is more of a recovery for me anyway. Pulling is the thing that really sucks. Besides, especially me being the older brother, it feels wrong not to be helping in anyway and just walking beside the handcart. 
Lunch was taco salad, and the highlight was Lisa building a tower of rocks. We also had a spiritual lesson about a man who helped provide shoes and clothing to the Saints and had some fruit leather. 

Then shortly we arrived at our campsite and (after using the bathroom) started to set up the tents. I also really increased relations with Lisa, and I am her new favorite brother, and she my sister. With the games Ma has us playing like Scum Frog, we have really become a true family up here. 

Next came the part I was personally looking forward too: THE DANCING. 
We started out with "Oh, Johnny" which was a circle dance. Then we did the "Virginia Rail" which is where you and a partner line up in front of each other making a guy line and a girl line. Then step in and out doing things with your partner, then the lead couple do something special. The last was what I think I'm pronouncing right, "Cotton Eye Joe:", which is really fast, makes me loose my breath and is played usually at all the stake dances (which I should start attending now)
After that, we gathered with our companies to talk about the purpose of Trek and our theme, "Go and bring them in", which is to rescue the pioneers who were in trouble. We wrote a letter to ourselves which should be mailed to us in a few months. Tonight is the last night of Trek. I really enjoy the camping out and how close we have become as a family (personally the exhausting pulling which caused me to sweat until my shirt was ruined, I could live without) and tomorrow is supposed to be a really short 2 miles or so - is what I over heard. 

Hopefully I make an entry tomorrow, but If I don't, then I would just like to say that I truly enjoyed this trekking experience, and I would do it again if I had the choice. It is a wonderful experience, and everyone can enjoy it equally if they let it. 

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Love it!!! Can't wait to hear the end!


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