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Saturday, July 23, 2011

2nd Day of Pioneer Trek Journal by Brady

Thursday, July 14, 2011

I had a weird dream last night apparently. I met up with Edwardo to tell him about it, his comment was something like "No more beef stew for you before you go to bed". 

We had pancakes, sausage and apple sauce for breakfast along with some instant mix orange juice tang. Of course pancakes is an understatement, due to the fact that everyday I've been home this summer, I have made myself pancakes. Cooking them almost perfectly and using sugar, vanilla and milk. These were just mixed with warm water and were burnt and a little raw. Pa was cooking . . . ., but even then, I blame the stove. 
We set out and today was a lot harder than the first day. I looked at my shirt when I took it off for bed. It is completely covered in sweat and dirt. The color has faded from my sweat, literally, it is pretty sad. 
It has white around the edges of the sweat marks making it look like it is tooth paste drool, all over my back and my tummy area. I'm so glad I get to change my shirt tomorrow. Seriously, I don't think it is washing out, we might have to burn it when I get home. 

At lunch, I had worked so hard that I have actually experience true hunger. Being at home 24/7 is something I have not had in a while. We had tacos/burritos for lunch, and smelling the meat cooking gave me goose bumps.

Also when we stopped, I was a little worried because my arm started to cramp up, but I massaged it out and drank more water. I also helped set up our shelter today, and used a scout knot the second time today. I was proud of myself . *Grin!
Today was also the last day of cold water. All the ice has officially melted after leaving lunch. 

We also had the women's pull today. They said that a few of us were called on missions and selected like one person (male) from each family. Ours was Adam. Then they said that usually the men died while on the trail then women for multiple reasons. Then I guess the rest of us just temporarily died. . . . . Which was weird, one of us getting called on a mission and then five of us die ....
Adam was the lucky one in my opinion. The hill wasn't that bad in my opinion, and we have 7 girls including Ma. They were fine, thank goodness. One of the wagons, a girl or two were crying. 

We played lots of games, most of which were dumb, all word games. My favorite was Wallie's World. You listed off things you could bring and couldn't bring to Wallie's World, and when you packed enough stuff (figured it out) you could get in. For obvious reasons, I can't tell you the secret. 
When we got to camp, the people in charge forced us to play pioneer games .... err ..... I mean ..... we wanted to play games. Not like we were exhausted or anything. 
I had fun though and might have gotten a tad hyper. At the end they had an announcement for missing items that were found. I think there was a pair of glasses and a tin cup with a green carabiner. I looked at my empty belt loop and sheepishly walked up to redeem my cup in front of of the whole stake. Then when I turned around to see my family I just bursted out laughing.

(Brady told me he took it off to play the "stick pull" game. It was in the way and then he had forgotten it.)
We also had "port-a-potty" duty, in which our family had to take a Lysol Sanitation wipe and clean the bathrooms and change the trash. It was grody smelling, but I got over it. 

We then had family home evening and then went off to bed.

Dinner was chicken stir fry.

Hopefully I am not totally fatigued tomorrow (when Harry Potter comes out) ... and I'm still praying that I won't break out. 


Patty Ann said...

My Daughter went on the Pioneer trek with our stake. They killed chickens and plucked them and cooked them. They hiked over twenty miles the first day. It was hard for them, but they all grew so much. I hope you have the same amazing experience.

Zoey said...

Day 3, day 3!!!


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