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Friday, July 22, 2011

1st Day of Pioneer Trek Journal by Brady

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The first thing in the morning, I was sure to eat as much as I could and left to the church building feeling a little bloated. (Up at 3:30 am to make pancakes for Brady and he also ate a yogurt).
When we were organized, I found myself on the bus number 6 with my family and I think 2 others. I wasn't sure where to sit, so I followed my older sister Sierra. She found an empty row and I asked if I could sit next to her.

Shortly after we met, a kid with ADHD was sitting in front of us AND because it was 4:00 AM'ish .... the kid had not taken the pill and was high wound and crazier then I had seen them. (edited out the kids name and detail). Sierra was just wanting to "kill" the kid the whole morning. However, things settled and I was able to get a few more hours of sleep.

Every hour the "kid" would wake me up with their impulsive behavior, and I would try to prod them off all groggy and try to get more sleep. After the rest stop, I think the kids pill was taking affect. And though the kid still wasn't the most pleasant of company, Sierra and I were able to carry out some conversations (since the kid wasn't being as compulsive and hyper.

When we got off the bus, the first thing I needed to do was re-learn everyones names again. I had only met them once before a while ago and could barely remember any of them. So we have:

*Sister and Brother Shelton as my Ma and Pa

*Sister and Bishop Blacker as adult tag-a-longs. They were there for support or something. I don't remember seeing them on the actual trail though).

*Cooper - is the jock brother I did not think I would get along with. However, he is more social then I thought and does a good job with helping along the way. I think just because of his social aspect he is the one I like the most so far, even if he can't handle some of the singing that we randomly do sometimes.

*Braden is the one who's name I got the quickest because it sounds like mine and I had not met him yet. He reminds me of myself when I was 12 on my first trek, (Half a man, but you can sure feel him).

*Adam makes me smile when I see him. He is so small. I think he is my youngest brother and has a twin brother. The things that came out of his mouth just make me smile.

*Thomas, he is the most quiet one, who looks a lot like Braden when they both wear glasses. I haven't really paid much attention to him, maybe I should find ways to involve him more.
*Lisa, she reminds me of my cousin Autumn, because of her personality mainly. One of the first things She asked me was, "If I like Winnie the Pooh". I told her, "Not really". And then she sarcastically added that she didn't know if we could be friends. She warmed up to me though.   ^_^

*Sierra is my oldest sister. She seems to know a lot of people from my ward. She is a little deaf, so she talks kind of loud, and she doesn't care a hoot what most people think about her. That could be why I like her, someone here to enjoy life instead of being reserved.
*Ryelee is (awkward moment) probably my best looking sister. Can't remember that much about her but that when we were both pushing in the back of the hand cart, the wind was blowing her skirt into my legs - almost tripping me up here and there.
*Sage is my youngest sister. She is more of a "crazy one" according to Sierra. She can't see to stop stepping in cow pies though. I think she mainly carries the baby (rice baby names Sarah)
*Rachel, I decided wears the halo. I don't know if it's because she is so calm all the time, but she has a different vibe that just emanates tenderness. Apparently, I don't know her from like school or something. I could have sworn I did, but she thinks it could just be from the dance instruction pioneer activity from mutual.

Lastly is Mackenzie (I know I butchered that spelling) She is from my ward, but I don't "notice" that much about her. I think she participates well and gets along with the girls, so it should all be good. (Sondra - Mackenzie just turned 12 and left Primary).

After the bus ride was lunch, and I didn't think I was getting fed dinner, so I crammed until it was hurting, which gave me a bit of a tummy ache and made me want to puke from the beginning of the trek. One of the things I didn't want to be this year was to be in the last of the pack on the wagon train. And guess where we start out? In the freaking back of the wagon train. Whatever, I got over it. I think tomorrow we will be in the front due to sub company orientation in the wagon train.
We had some pioneer stories as our spiritual thought. One about a mother who almost couldn't make it, so her daughter (or her sister, can't remember) prayed and they found a pie in the middle of the road which was able to help them carry on to Salt Lake. After the "devos" as I would call it, we were given a small slice of apple pie.

Next we talked about pioneer men who died carrying their company across the frozen river. Afterwards we had to cross a very muddy stream (because we were in the back it was extra muddy). Then shortly after we made camp and HAD DINNER! Beef stew in a can.
Way better then 4 years ago where they gave us a flour biscuit and broth. I suppose I didn't need to cram lunch in after all. Brother and Sister Shelton weren't kidding when they said we wouldn't starve.

I guess I have President Osborne to thank for that. The idea of starving us the first night was discarded thanks to him, my Ma explained to me.

Now it is time to go to sleep.... just hoping and praying that I don't break out (horribly) while I am up here.


Zoey said...

Can't wait for day 2!

Valerie said...

Great that he includes so many details. My kids write almost nothing in their journals when they are away.


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