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Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Sister - Cindy's Recovery - 1 Month

This was posted by my Niece Zoey Michelle on her blog here: So that I can print this out in my blog book, I have added it to my blog: ... From Zoey Michelle:

We have been so blessed to have many friends and family be able to help my Mom through her recovery process. Here is a one month update on her recovery.

Cindy was released from the Minidoka hospital May 17th. The first week, she was trying very hard to space out pain pills and get into a routine. By the end of that first week, she was a pro at getting up by herself to go to the bathroom. A huge accomplishment.

Week 2, Cindy was really feeling better. She had time to do a little reading, but also visit with many visitors that care so much for our family. She had a recheck with her surgeon and she was much better than expected!!! (The Jensen's are overachievers.)

The start of week 3 was the flu. At least that's what they thought. She suffered the entire week and hit the peak of the worst Friday and Saturday (June 3rd and 4th.) They asked for help from a local doctor in their stake, not wanting to end up in the hospital. After starting medication, my mom felt like she still needed to get some blood work done to see if there was something missing.

Blood work was done on Monday and by Tuesday afternoon, we had a diagnosis. Cindy had C-Diff, which is a bacteria in your intestines. Antibiotic usage is usually the initial cause of developing the disease. Antibiotics are also how you treat the disease.

She immediately began taking the antibiotics, but Thursday, June 9th ended up in the emergency room at Portneuf Medical Center. She was released Monday, June 13th and is still slowly recovering.

Tuesday, June 14th, 1 short month from her accident, I was able to quickly see my mom and tell her that I love her. Here is her leg and hand at one month. She has 2 different braces that she wears on her leg. This one is the soft padded one. Her walker is in the background.
My mom specifically asked for a pink cast for Kate. They have a very special relationship and she knew that Kate would love pink!
I am trying to keep conference in my life as much as possible. Sometime in the middle of this month, I read that article "More Than Conquerors through Him That Loved Us." It was given by Paul V. Johnson of the Seventy in April's General Conference. He says,"Trials are not just to test us. They are vitally important to the process of putting on the divine nature."

When I read that, I was overcome with emotion. I also remember that sometime in the last year, the Young Women in my mom's ward had picked out different women to highlight each YW value. Cindy's was Divine Nature.

Love you mom!!! From Zoey Michelle


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