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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dairy Days in Meridian, Idaho 2011

Friday, June 17, 2011 was Meridian's annual Dairy Days. This is my favorite city activity.

However, this year I didn't plan it well at all. I sent Brady on an airplane to go see his father for Father's Day weekend and his step sister's wedding on Tuesday June 21, 2011. 
Brady's plane left Boise at 5:30 and and arrived Salt Lake City at 6:35 PM on Friday the day of the parade.

The Parade started at 7:00 PM and I shifted back and forth deciding if I wanted to walk down the street to watch it by myself or stay home. 

Since this is my FAVORITE parade, I decided to walk down and watch it alone. I left at 7 PM thinking Brady was in Salt Lake City and safe ..... and with his dad.

However, when I arrived home an hour later Brady had called 20+ times because his dad didn't pick him up. Oh joy! Brady was furious because I wasn't home or didn't have my cell phone with me. 

Apparently Southwest was having issues with their monitors that showed the plane was delayed. So instead of calling Brady, Maurice sat in the parking lot for over an hour while Brady was furiously waiting and couldn't get a hold of me .... AND he didn't have his dad's phone programmed in his cell phone (a new one). 

Eventually Maurice picked him up and all was well ... almost. (shaking head).

On to the Dairy Days parade. . . . 
 When I arrived the streets were filled with people and balloons. The balloons were a VERY clever marketing for a local candy shop down the street from me ... they gave out balloons with their company name and a free piece of candy for a child when they come into the shop.  
 Vendors were selling their wares. 
 Look, Miss Idaho and Miss Teen Idaho!!! Beautiful girls.
 The beginning of the parade they give out chocolate milk. I wiggled my way up to the front and got some chocolate milk for me and an older couple in the back of the mass of people. 
 Our Mayor Tammy de Weerd in her Cow decorated mini-car.  Whom I am pretty angry with right now. Meridian built a new city building a couple of years ago and filed a law suit against the builder. Guess what??? Meridian lost the law suit and now have to pay the builder 2.3 million dollars... yea tax payers (NOT!). Soooo all of us tax payers are very sad and angry. 

 On with the theme of the parade ... we saw lots of cows. 
 Flo even showed up for the parade... DON"T TEXT AND DRIVE!!!
 Meridian Swimming pool float. 
The life guards! Jake, who is in front going up to the Channel 7 reporter. He is in our ward and Brady's age. 
I thought this was a fun picture that I took off of
 Noah and his cute ark.
They gave out cheese string ... but only to the people in the front.
Nope, I didn't get any.

They also gave out t-shirts. For the past 2 years we got a t-shirt. But, not this year because I was in the back and alone (sniff sniff).

It was a bunch of fun even alone. 

I just wish things would have worked out better for Brady. Poor kid.

(I miss him! He is still gone - for a whole week - comes home Saturday 25th)

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Zoey said...

I am glad that you still went to the parade even though you didn't have Brady. Maybe next year for us!!!


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