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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Brady's Intoxication of Beauty

Brady took these pictures as he walked home from school Tuesday. He posted them on facebook with the best notes. This is something to post on my blog that I need to have in my journal/blog book forever. Enjoy... Post by Brady..

Brady's walk:
This woman's yard is so amazing. I couldn't resist taking a picture on the most beautiful day of Spring ever. I actually saw her earlier this year, she was clearing pine cones out of her beds, and she practically threw one at me, looked up, and then was like, "Oops! I'm so sorry! I didn't see you there!" It was funny, I just smiled and kept walking though.
Look at the sky, this is not the best picture, but the sky today is in a 90% range of my favorite weather. I just love the gloom, it's day time, but the clouds cover up the sun, making everything cool, and the light a whiter color. I just love the gloom, it is so amazing.
 Another picture of the woman's yard. I think she should win an award.
 One of my favorite things to do is to look up from the bottom of a tree, and see how it delicately covers the sky. It, to me, is one of my definitions of what true beauty is.
 Better picture of the sky.
 The lighting is even more enhanced in this picture. The park, so vibrant, the fountains are on, it's the perfect temperature, and all the green just seems to pop!
 I just had to get another one of those views where you look up at the sky under a tree, and watch how it's many leaves cover your view, framing little sections, creating a Serene landscape.
 I love that this restaurant has flower baskets. Green is the background of my day, the sky is the frame, then the many other colors produced by the many flowers around are the theme of the picture.
 I also am in love with this Methodist church across from my house. It has so many plants, and a beautiful oak tree, and a few others just create this visor over the whole scene.
 Have I mentioned how much I love looking up from the bottom of a tree?
 My house! look at that red flower basket, the flower pot next to the door is so beautiful, and the beds have some small, growing flowers rooted in it's earth. It's going to be gorgeous by the summer, you're amazing mom.
 More of my yard. Then I just saw the green, weedless grass, the rich and ready flower beds, and then all the colors over by the fence. Mmm, my senses are really heightened today, you can tell.
 My garage looks like a prairie green house. It's so cute! (Nerd time) I think if you would walk into the garage while holding a Draymen staff, you might go to Zanaris.
Tee hee, more colors! I can't wait for these to start appearing in our flower beds. This is why I get excited to host spaghetti feeds for cross country. We really know how to work with what we have.


Zoey said...

His post made me smile, giggle, and smile some more. I give him an A+ for English!!!

Patty Ann said...

Love it! He did a great job!


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