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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Way-Back Wednesday - Jason and The Girls

My sister Cindy had 4 girls.
I had the first grandson, Jason of our family.

Pictured above is: 
Robyn, Zoey Michelle, Laura, Jason and Tracy

Cindy's girls and my son Jason had a fun when they were together as cousins. 

This picture was when we were visiting Grandma. 
They didn't really all sleep in one bed - they were just goofing around one morning and I had to grab my camera. 
 A more serious shot of all these cuties. 

I love my nieces sooooo much and am close to each of them. 
They are all grown up now and have children of their own - except Laura and Jason. 

I love getting together with them and having an adult relationship with these beautiful girls.

Zoey Michelle and her dear husband Brandon were visiting us this past weekend. We went to WICKED together and enjoyed a wonderful time visiting, laughing and being together. (blog post to come)

They were here while we found out about Cindy's bike accident. 
 Here are Cindy and Kelly when they had a young family of all girls. 
I had to put this funny picture in of Zoey Michelle.
from the Addam's family. 
She's a crack up.

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gigi said...

So, so cute! I just love old pictures.


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