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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Way-back Wednesday - The Big Green Truck

While growing up we had a big green truck that didn't run.

What did kids with nice parents do with the truck?

They went on grand adventures.
We would push that truck up and down the curb on our journey.

Richard is on the truck, I believe I'm by him. Christine is in the white pantsuit and Cindy is in the back.  
 In this picture I am probably the driver. I remember turning that steering wheel back and forth like a crazy woman. Oh, the fun and adventures we had playing in this truck. Our only limit was our imagination.

Richard is in the front, Cindy in a beautiful pose (Lyle is probably behind Cindy with a neighbor) and Christine is in the back in her beautiful white pantsuit (I wonder how clean it was after playing with the truck). 
 This picture totally cracks me up. The truck is on the sidewalk... You can see them trying to push it back and forth along the side walk ... or on the side walk.

Don't hit the bike !!!! Totally cracks me up!
Cindy is the driver for this great adventure, I believe that is Lyle in the front and me trying to get into the truck.

When I came across this picture ... I can remember all the fun we had driving a broken down truck. 


Garden of Egan said...

I love the truck!!! We had a red one just like that.

Cute family,

Valerie said...

Fun pictures!
We had a blue truck just like that one!

Valerie said...

How fun! I can see how kids would have a great time with something like that.


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