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Saturday, May 28, 2011

New Dodge Neon SXT Sedan Car

I purchased a new car today!!
 2005 Dodge Neon SXT Sedan
 I have been scrimping and saving for such a long time. I wanted to pay cash for a car - like Dave Ramsey says. I didn't want any car payments. When I started to look on-line for a car, I was surprised on how much used cars cost. 
 I was NOT going to purchase a car that had over 100,000 miles on it or older then 2000.
 So the cost was higher then I wanted - but didn't settle for less. I saved $6,020 for my car. Brady had saved $1,180 which I used and will pay him back. Total $7,200 saved. 

I saved every extra dollar I could find for this car. I've been very frugal about my spending ... because I've had this huge goal set for a while. It has been really fun watching that pile of cash grow. 
 Memorial weekend they were offering $500 off any new or used car. This car was selling for $7,991 and we got it for $7,491. 

I ended up having to put $1,033 on my credit card. I know Dave Ramsey would not approve, but I am sure I can pay that off next month - by continuing to be very frugal. At least I will NOT have any car payments!! Hooray!
 I was going to trade in my Pontiac Bonneville for a new car. The Check engine light came on last week. Yesterday it wouldn't start at all. So, I couldn't use it for a trade in. I thought I would send it to the dump or donate it. 

This afternoon, I went out and it started up. The check engine light is still on. I think I may just repair it, because I have a feeling this new car will end up being driven by Brady ALOT. I'll have to save for a while before I can get the Bonneville fixed though. I don't like debt. 
 Anyway, it's a cute zippy small car. 

Brady hasn't like driving because he hates my Bonneville. He doesn't feel comfortable with the bigger car. Now our focus is going to be getting him driving. I want to stop driving him around. He'll be 17 this summer and he needs to start being a little more independent. So, the new car purchase was basically for Brady to drive and get his license. 
 I also think this will be the car he will take to college next year. 
 I plan on saving like crazy to be able to trade in the Bonneville for a new car next year (maybe). It depends on how much it will cost to fix the problem it has now. But, I'd like to get a little bigger car for me and not such a small zippy car. We'll see how it goes and how much I can save. 
 I think it was a great example for Brady to see me put down all that cash to purchase a car. I'd love him to NEVER have any debt. He is pretty frugal anyway and I hope it stays that way. 
 I do have a wedding to help pay for in September ... so we'll be eating food storage (as usual) to get our savings stock pile built up again. 
 It was really hard to let go of all that saved up cash .... I loved counting it and wanted more. I kept thinking that I could get by with my Bonneville and keep all that cash - until it needed to be repaired once again. That motivated me to just do it and get a car small enough for Brady to feel confident enough to drive. 
 I am really happy to have a newer car and to really NOT have a car payment. It's a GREAT feeling!!
We are really excited! Woo HOO!


Patty Ann said...

Good for you!! That is quite an accomplishment!

Rhonda said...

cute car! When are you coming to see us?

gigi said...

Congratulations Sondra! Great accomplishment! Woo hoo is right!

Garden of Egan said...

Good girl! I am so proud of you. That is an accomplishment to be so proud of you.

It looks like a good car that will get you great mileage.

We need another car, but haven't had payments for years. Don't want to go back to them. We need to be saving like you did.

Janel said...

Congratulations Sondra!!! Dave Ramsey would be so proud of you!!! I am in awe of you saving so much cash!!!

Good luck and I hope you can fix the Bonneville soon so you can trade it in for something more reliable.

Take care...Janel in NJ

Valerie said...

Enjoy driving that cute thing around. And it's even sweeter knowing how hard you worked for it and didn't have to pay all that interest on a loan. Awesome!

Michelle said...

what a great example you are to your son & the rest of your family.

awesome that you saved & met your goal! and the car is cute!

Cherie said...

What a cute little red car!! That is a really super accomplishment to save and pay cash for a vehicle - what a great feeling!!

Brady will look so cute driving around in that sporty little "zippy" car :-D

I see many dates in his future (wink!!).


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