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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

An Invitation to Prom

 Saturday there was a knock on the front door of our house. When I answered it, there was a little boy with an Easter basket for Brady. Brady wasn't home, he was at a party. I told him I would give it to him. Then I asked for the little boys name and he walked off and ignored me.  I thought it was very strange.

I had to wait until Brady came home so we could find out what mystery the basket contained. 
 Yeah! Brady is home. There is the sweet Easter basket.
 There were 4 blown out, colored Easter Eggs on the top. Brady, will you go......
 Take out the grass to find 4 more eggs. 
 To Prom with me......
Pull out more grass to see who it was from. Krystal. 

It was a surprise to be asked to the Prom by a girl. Krystal isn't a good friend to Brady, so it was kind of random that she asked him. He knew she was LDS and a good girl. He wondered if she liked him. It was shocking to him and to me that a girl would ask him - it should be the other way around - boy ask girl to Prom - right?

It was a very cute way to ask him.

However, Brady had to decline the invitation. We already have plans for May 14th.

We have tickets to WICKED!!!
The tickets were purchased last year, before we knew when Prom was scheduled. 

It was a hard thing to do, to decline an invitation to a dance. He felt really bad about hurting her. On the other hand, I think it was a good experience for him to be on the receiving end of having to tell someone No. 

This is all pretty new territory for me. Girls asking boys? I guess I'm a little old fashioned. I still want a boy to ask me out ..... not the other way around. Times have changed!


Cherie said...

She must have really wanted to go with him - I think that mostly it is still the boys doing the asking.

I am so glad to hear that you are going to Wicked - When I saw that it was coming here I thought of you because I knew you dreamed of going. You will LOVE IT - it is awesome!!

Kurke and I saw it a few years ago in Hollywood and it is both of our favorites!!

Zoey said...

So I am sad that he has to miss because of us. Brandon says that he should ask her to go on another date sometime ... That is such a bummer! We will make it up to you Brady! Would you like to wear a tux and a flower???

Rhonda said...

That is sad he had to tell her no, I'm sure it took a lot for her to ask him. What a cute way to ask. I agree with Zoey he should ask her out on a group date so she doesn't think he is blowing her off. I am jealous you guys are going to Wicked you will have a great time!


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