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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Nuclear Fallout Map (hoax per Snopes)

A great site "Modern Survival Blog" to watch the nuclear risk information: 
Jet-stream information  

On going information regarding the nuclear fallout.

I have taken down the picture of the Nuclear Fallout map. I researched it after I received a comment by John. said this is not true information. You can read it here

I have been optimistic and tried not to worry. My goal is to always be prepared. I did not purchase Potassium Iodide pills and understand it is completely sold out. I will be watching and trying to understand risks from Japan or here. Bottom line is that I believe you need to prepare. 

Earthquakes can strike at anytime in the US, floods, tornados, hurricanes, economic challenges, and sickness. Prepare yourself with water storage, food storage, recipes, ways to cook without power. If you are prepared you will not fear.  
My heart has been heavy this weekend for Japan. What a terrible disaster. My prayers have been continual for everyone who lives there and for the rescue efforts.

This map was alarming to me and I had to share it. I am disappointed in lack of news coverage for this potential fallout. 10 days until we are effected!!

Read this article from Preparedness Pro and the comments. Good information. I hope you are prepared! Get water storage today. Fill containers and empty canning jars today! Water is the most important thing to have in an emergency. We can only live 3 days without water. Compared to 30 days without food. WATER STORAGE NOW!

I also have to say that the radiation does go down. As the map says: Red is 3000 RADS, Orange is 1500 RADS and Yellows is 750 RADS. I wonder what the risk is to radiation poisoning and cancer. Should we take the Potassium Iodide pills to have our thyroid block the cancer causing risk. I wish the news outlets would cover this map and give us warning.

I also wonder about gardening this summer. Will the ground be OK? Will it affect our water too? So many questions regarding our risk to the nuclear fallout.

Radiation Map Link:

Per The Wall Street Journal, the best protection in a fallout situation is to stay inside and wait for rescue teams. If fallout becomes a serious threat, it would be a good idea to be prepared to hunker down inside for several days. This means stocking food and water along with other essentials in case the situation escalates.


Pam said...

So scary! Makes you wonder if there will be a run on food storage items now in the stores. It really makes you think about your own preparedness. I know we are lacking in some things. I have a question for you. First of all, I love your blog and am so glad I happened onto it. Can I ask what your font is and how you got it into your blog. I'm a little technology challenged and just use the fonts blogger provides. They are kinda small and yours is soooo much easier to read. If you have time, I would welcome a reply. Thanks e-mail:

Valerie said...

I haven't seen this and it is very scary! I pray that all of that will not happen! Thank you for sharing.
PS I emailed you after you left me a nice comment and your email address, but I don't know if you ever received it. For some reason, a few people never get emails that I send.

Garden of Egan said...

So Sondra, do you have a room that is a safe room? What materials would you expect to be the most effective against radiation at this point?

Sondra said...

Tauna, I've been watching the US radiation Map to see if we experience a risk. I asked our news station to address my concern and they did talk about it tonight with an expert from Id Falls. He doesn't think we have anything to worry about.

That being said, from what I have been reading, it appears that there is a melt down occurring. I am very sad for the people who are in Japan currently and for the future.

I don't have plastic to cover the windows in my home, but plan to get some tomorrow. The only thoughts I have is if it is bad and we are effected - we probably wouldn't want heat blowing in your house - as you would want to block all air flow.. I don't know if that would mean you can't have a fire in a fire place either...brrrrrrr (I do have space heaters though)

Our bathroom is the only room in the house that doesn't have windows :-(
I wish I had a basement.

I am optimistic that we will be OK. I always like to be prepared - and was surprised to actually see how many nuclear plants are in the US. AND surprised that Idaho didn't have one.. What is INEL? Nuclear testing - but not a power plant. Doesn't it have some risk? I don't know the answers.

I am also concerned about fallout in the water supply, food, and ground. I had planned on a huge garden this year. But, it won't be of any value if the ground is radio active. o_O

I am happy that my food storage is as strong as it is. We may actually have to live off it for the next year - maybe. This whole disaster with knocking the earth on the axis is crazy.. There have been soooo many disasters lately. It doesn't appear to be stopping... are we in for the ride that has been prophesied?

Anonymous said...

That map has been labeled a hoax by the Australian Radiation Service. I did some research on line. You should take it down.


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