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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Brady Cuteness

Danielle, Brady's friend from school, did a photo shoot of every cast member in Once Upon a Mattress. 

These are the pictures she took of Brady. I love them!!
I thought I would add Brady's facebook comments during the play ..... for personal journal history. 
Facebook notes from Brady, March 11: Happy Friday! Cast B for Once Upon a Mattress today. Time for me to shine! I was actually surprised how many complements I got as a knight last performance. I guess going up to the front during Spanish Panic helped, thanks Bradly! Wish me luck!
Brady's facebook message March 10th: Opening night for the play! And I could not have woken up to a better song on the radio this morning. The Black Eyed Pee's were telling me that they had a feeling that tonight was going to be a good night. Surely it must be a sign =)

Brady's facebook message March 9th: I don't think I got too much deep sleep last night. All I could think about was the play. I literally dreamed that I was practicing and practicing and practicing, and I also thought that everyone was in my bedroom rehearsing with me again. I probably woke up like 20 times last night, and got maybe 2 hours of deep sleep.
Brady's facebook message March 8th: o, I went to the store today to get paint for my hair, so I could be an exciting jester with cool colorful hair. As I was applying it to my hair I realized something... I'm a knight today, not a jester! Thank goodness I was only on the first color. I ran down to the shower to wash the paint out of my hair (took shower head down and bent over the tub.) I went to grab my shampoo and put the shower head down (being blond) and the shower head flipped over and started to spray me down with my pants on! Oh well, maybe some crazy adventure will happen to me tomorrow.
Brady's Facebook message March 9th: If there was a play next year, I don't think I would participate in it. IT IS WAY TO TIME CONSUMING! I've never struggled to keep up my grades this hard in my life. Aside from the time spend at play rehearsals, I honestly blame it on Honors English. My friends told me that it's an easy class, it's full of smart people, and it's really easy to maintain an A. I switch out of my regular English  class to find that the friends lied to me!

Well, technically I guess they didn't lie, it just happened to be easy until second semester when I switched in. Here are some reasons why I didn't want to be in Honors English: 1) To much work, 2) Lots of reading, 3)Advanced curriculum. My friends told me that Honors English was this: 1) No work what-so-ever (Danielle said, "In English, we sit there and do nothing"  2) In class reading 3) Same curriculum. I switch into Honors English and found this: 1) To much work 2) Lots of reading 3) Advanced curriculum.

My past life previous to the play has been along the lines of: Get home, eat, do homework, play games all day, maybe practice the piano, and sleep. Now it's: Play practice, get home, eat, do homework all day, maybe stay up late to do homework, want to go on strike because I'm so stressed, realize I can't do previous one because I don't have time - making me more stressed, and then sleep.

On a scale of 0-10, 0 being not stressed, 1 being a little stressed, 10 being angry tantrum, screaming in pillows and crying, my days usually go at a rate of 0-2. Now that all of my free time is consumed by play practice, and since Honors English being easy is a blunt lie, I'm more stressed then ever, averaging a 5-7 (3 on days I don't have English Homework). Last night, play practice started real late, and ended real late. I was all over play practice that I had no time to unwind. All I could think about was the play. I dreamed that I was back in the auditorium doing a dress rehearsal. I would wake up, be half conscious of my surroundings, and think that play practice was taking place in my bedroom, then I would go back to sleep to do some more dress rehearsal dreaming. I probably woke up 20 times last night and only made in about 2 hours of deep sleeping when I usually get about 8 hours.

Here is how my day is going so far (SL = Stress level): Woke up after restless night (SL@ 4) Saw Danielle working on an assignment I was supposed to get but didn't get (SL@ 8) Said something right after that that my friends disproved of (SL@ 8.5) Went to seminary (SL@ 2) Went to an NHS meeting (SL@ 4) Went to play practice - trying to read my book (SL@ 7.5) Came home (SL@ 9) Ate dinner (SL@ 5) Finished math homework (SL@ 4) Started Great Gatsby Ch3 (SL@ 6) Finished Ch3 (SL@ 5) mental note that I'm not done with all my English homework: (SL@ 7) Publishing this (SL@ 6 going down to about 3).

This is probably one of the most stressful days I've had while I was at home in the past 2 years. (When I travel, my stress level goes up.) I am so ready for this play to be over with! I want my no life back!

Due to budget cuts, there will not be a play next year, but if there was, I would only be attending, I would not be participating, mainly because I am selling my soul to high school. I think I'll be a lot more stressed next year with the following classes anyway: AP English, AP Calculus, AP Statistics, AP Microeconomics. I could have sworn there was one more... ... ... I guess not. But yea, 2 AP math classes, a nightmarish English class, and an AP class where I don't eve know how it's going to turn out.

...*Sigh* I think I need a hug... Guess I'll have to suck it up and hug my Great Gatsby book like my grade depends upon it - because it does. Oh well, when I saw that I was reading 2 chapters with my short schedule and had to do papers on both chapters, I told everyone that I was going to cry myself to sleep tonight... It wasn't that far off of a joke either, in fact, it might not even be a joke Ø_ø.


Rhonda said...

He cracks me up. Poor Brady and his stress. Great pictures.

Ann Marie said...

Ah.. the stress of HS. Would not do it again.
My sister was in every play.. and she says they were the funnest memories from JH and HS. The hardest night is always the last.. because then it's over! :(

Those pictures are great. I have 2 favorites.. the first one.. and the 5th one.

Good for you Sondra -- for documenting this fun-crazy.. and stressful time!

Patty Ann said...

Oh yes, I wish all my stress was back in High School. (Sigh). Love the pictures. They look fun, interesting, and not the normal posed ones that are usually taken. Love the face book drama!! Good for you catching all of it for memories!!

Valerie said...

Love all the pictures!


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