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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Birthday Wishes

I feel loved! That is how my birthday left me feeling. I love my family and friends! The wonderful messages, cards and phone calls brightened my day. I tried to keep it quiet, but people actually remembered!

Brady made me a card. Homemade cards are my favorite!
 He made me feel happy, loved, valued, cherished - wow! Such a great card! I was surprised that he took the time to make me a card. That he actually thought about it is wonderful!
 When I came home from work, this fun gift was tied to my door knob from Maralee. Maralee is always creative and thoughtful. I served in a Primary Presidency with Maralee and just love her!
 I also received a telephone call from Stephanie, a great friend from my ward. She sang me the cutest song. It was really kind of her to remember my birthday... Still smiling about the cute song she sang to me!

Jason and Sharon brought me a cake and doughnuts. I told them I didn't want to do anything special. I was tired. Thursday is my biggest cleaning day and I was exhausted. I think more exhausted because I really didn't have a weekend for downtime last weekend and that really kills me... I need a day off. I was so tired that at 8:30 pm I told Brady we needed to pray so that I could go to bed. I was tired. 
 It was wonderful to see Jason and Sharon, and I felt bad that I was such a dud and tired. 
 Ella, a girl from my Primary class sent me this beautiful birthday card in the mail. How thoughtful!
Look at all those beautiful pictures se drew. She also brought me a heart full of chocolates on Sunday for Valentines day. What a sweet girl (and parents). It makes my heart melt!
 One of my customer's remembered my birthday too! It happened that I cleaned their house on my birthday. There was lots of special wishes from them.
Mary Kay and Steve and their children Cody and Kelsey, plus Fran and Don gave me a card and $25 gift certificate for the Cheese Factory..  Mary Kay also gave me a box of Chocolates last week for Valentines day. She is always giving me extra gifts. They are good to me!

A couple of years ago they built on to their house to let Steve's parent live there. Their original house is big, and they built on another house (1200 square feet or so) for Fran and Don. Cleaning their house is like cleaning 2 houses - it's a big job - but a good job too. 
Thanks for all the great phone calls from my Mom, Sister Chris, Brother Richard and Rhonda. Email messages from my sister Cindy, niece Tracy and Zoey Michelle and Rhonda too. 

Lots of love spread around. Plus, blogging messages. I have to put what Ann Marie wrote me in the comment section - I have to add it to a post so that it will print in my book (I don't print comments). Here is what Ann Marie wrote me - she is soooo nice! 

Today I am grateful that your blog is open.. since your not on FB anymore.. and I was worried that I wasn't going to be able to wish you a HAPPY Birthday!!!

Since I can only comment to you here.. in the open.. I guess everyone is going to get to read my novel comment! lol!!

So... Happy Birthday to you.. Happy Birthday to you.. Happy Birthday dear Sondra..... Happy Birthday to you!!!!

For your birthday... I'm going to list a few reasons why I love and adore you!

1- I love your dedication to your family.
You put so much love and effort into everything you do for them -- and it shows!
I love that you show unconditional love to them.. even if they don't make the choices you would wish for. You truly are a wonderful mother.

2- I love your dedication to your calling!
You give it 100% and it shows with your structure.. enthusiasm.. and the fact that you make time for the kids with parties and things that are not required of you. Any child is lucky that is taught by you!

3- I love how much you serve. Even though you get paid to clean.. I know many women would say that you go above and beyond to help them... just because you are so kind and generous.
I will always remember that older woman that died a while back -- and when you blogged about her.. I could feel that you gave her MUCH love and charity.
I know you are full of it.

4- I love that you strive to be happy.
You have had a hard life ( like I have ) but you choose to find ways daily.. to bless others and make your family happy. You look for ways to eat healthy, be prepared.. and you are grateful.
I know life isn't always easy for you.. but you still try each day to be positive and happy.. and that is truly admiring!

Something will be in the mail.. but maybe not until next week. Sorry! I am not up to par.. but Organizing and a sick family has taken over me!

I hope you have a fabulous day and weekend!
Love ya! XO

Anther great Birthday. Thanks everyone for making me feel special!


Cherie said...

Sondra I am so glad you had a Wonderful birthday!! I love all the sweet messages and LOVE you received.
I am sorry I forgot - I am bad at family birthdays too - Old and senile that is me but I wish you a belated Happy Birthday and I hope it is the start of another GRAND year for you!!!!

Robyn said...

I tried to post a comment on your facebook page from my phone...guess it didn't work. BUT- Happy Late Birthday to my favorite Aunt!

gigi said...

Happy birthday to you!

Zoey said...

You are the best! I really just want to call you everyday and tell you that, but I think that it might get old. Maybe... Love you and am SO happy that you had a wonderful (busy) day!!!

Garden of Egan said...

I'm so glad you had a Happy Birthday.
It is wonderful to be remembered and you are truly an amazing person.

I missed your last post about the oreos.
I have one word.....YUM!

Patty Ann said...

So glad you had a wonderful Birthday!!

Connie said...

You truly are loved but then I can understand why. You seem to be a loving, giving person. So glad your birthday was happy!

Ann Marie said...

I am so grateful that you were thought of..and enjoyed such a happy day!
I've kinda had a low day today.. and coming home and reading that my little message ment something.. had me in tears. Thank you for posting it.. that was super sweet!

We went to Cheescake Factory last night.. and boy oh boy.. I could easily spend $25.00 on just their cheescake alone!!!

Valerie said...

So happy that you are surrounded by nice people who make you feel as special as you are! Happy belated birthday to a wonderful woman who I really look up to.

Emily Grace said...

Thinking of you with a joyful heart today and forever, Mom. Wishing you a
Happy Mother's Day!


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