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Friday, September 17, 2010

Jason's Artwork

Jason has always loved to draw. He is a very talented artist. Last year it seemed like all Jason did was work and play video games. I kept telling him he needed to live and do something he enjoyed. Since then, he has gotten back into drawing and painting. He is very interested in tattoo artwork and in tattoos in general.

I am happy that he is starting to work harder on his artwork and develop his talents. These pictures are some of his recent artwork he has completed.
Beautiful roses.
He was working on antiquing the drawing on this sailor girl.
I love when he completely finishes the whole sheet. The wings are awesome. He's always drawn skulls. It's a boy thing :-D.

Those daggers ares really cool!

A goat.
The Koi is cool too.
Snake - lots of shading involved in this painting.
I love all the elements in this drawing.
She is beautiful too. He's really quite talented.
A Heart.
Jason wants to be a tattoo artist. This is a tattoo he did on one of his friends.

I have a tough time with tattoos .... a hard time encouraging him in this direction. But, Jason is my son and I love him no matter what he does. I just hope he doesn't get anymore tattoos on his own body. I know one day he will regret it.

I hope he will continue to work on his talents. I enjoy seeing all of his drawings. Good Job Jason!
I love you!


Enid said...

Oh, my...his artwork is beautiful...I love the colors he uses.
Yes, Jason, your mom is right, do work on this wonderful gift God has given you!

Rhonda said...

They look great he has so much talent!

Valerie said...

He has sure been busy now! That's a lot of artwork.

Zoey said...

He really has a talent for drawing and art! Glad that you were able to share with us!


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