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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Homecoming Dance

Now that Brady is 16 years old, I encouraged him to go the Homecoming Dance. His friends decided to go as a group - no dates. I liked it! They dressed up and went to the dance together.
 They stopped by a park and did a photo shoot. There a lots of photos that I will be adding later.
The went to dinner at Carino's.
Then off to the dance. Brady had a really great time dancing with all of his friends.

I asked if he slow danced - and he said there wasn't very many - maybe one. Which is good, because it grossed him out. He said it was like people having sex on the dance floor. I am glad he was grossed out by that. He's a good kid - and NO, he didn't dance a slow one.

Here are some of his friends. There are a couple that I don't have names for - but I got most of them. They are in the slide at the park. Fun colors!


Danielle - she is the photographer
 ha ha ha ha ha!! Brady - you are such a silly boy.
Hold on... Don't fall down the slide.. :-D


Valerie said...

I love the colors in those pictures! I enjoyed watching that video above. Wish I had more time to visit everyone's blogs more. I've missed a lot.

Zoey said...

Cool! What a neat idea to just go as friends! I'm sure glad that your son is a good boy!


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