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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cross Country Centenial Race

September 15, 2010 was Centennial High School sponsored meet. It was held at Les Bois Park - where Boise has horse races. This race was called the:
Centipede race.

(Meridian below in the light blue team shirts and blue and yellow jerseys)
The reason it was called a Centipede Race is because the runners were holding a rope that linked them together as one - with lots of leg action. The goal was to build unity in the team. Motivating one another to run and keep up with the team as "one".

Running can be a "only me" sport instead of a "team" sport. This is why I like it. There is no physical contact and the only pressure comes from beating your own time or personal record (PR). You push yourself harder each race trying to get faster and faster each time.

That is what made this race very unique and challenging for the boys who where fast runners to work with the slower runners.
Ready ...... set ...... GO!
Brady is the fourth runner - you can barely see the rope they are holding on to. You may have to click on the picture to enlarge it to see the centipedes rope. They run half way through the course as a centipede and then drop the rope and RUN on their own!
There they go!
 They sold shirts at the race with a centipede on it. Brady bought one. He is such a cute boy.
The back says "You can do it".  We sure love cross country racing!

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Zoey said...

How did the team do? Sounds like such a good sport ... we are trying to get into running as well.


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