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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bob Firman Cross Country Meet

The Bob Firm Cross Country Invitation is a HUGE meet.  It is held a the Eagle Island State park.
The Bob Firman Invitational hosts 8 states.
The schools from Idaho were:
Bishop Kelly, Boise, Borah, Butte County, Bonneville, Caldwell, Canyon Ridge, Capital, Centennial, Century, Challis, Clark County, Cole Valley Christian, Columbia, Eagle, Emmett, Firth, Gooding, Greenleaf Friends, Highland, Hillcrest, Horseshoe Bend, Jerome, Kimberly, Kuna, Leadore, Liberty Charter, McCall-Donnelly, Meridian, Middleton, Mountain Home, Mtn View, Nampa, Nampa Christian, New Plymouth, North Fremont, Parma, Payette, Preston Richfield, Rigby, Rimrock, Rocky Mountain, Salmon, Skyline, Skyview, Sugar-Salem, Timberlake, Timberline, Twin Falls, Valley Vallivue, Victory Charter, Weiser, Wendell, West Jefferson, West Side, Wood River

Page - Arizona, Castle View - Colorado, Elko and Lowry - Nevada.

Oregon: Baker,  Hermiston, La Grande, Nyssa Umatilla, Union

Utah: Alta, Box Elder, Davis, East Grantsville, Judge Memorial, Kearns, Monticello, Mountain View, Ogden, Orem, Park City, Skyline, Stansbury, Timpanogos, Tooele, Weber

Washington: Central Valley, Elma, North Central, Lewis & Clark

Wyoming: Rock Springs and Star Valley

They also had some College and Open runners:
Boise State, BYU, Northwest Nazarene, Utah Treasure Valley CC, Boise State Track Club, Sojourners Running Club
When we arrived, we found Meridian's tent. I was surprised by our banner. This is new - Woo Hoo for the team. Of course I needed a picture - Brady pose!
 A closer picture by the WARRIOR.. Gooooo Warriors!!
Brady running number is 1242
Here is Brady putting on all of his running numbers.
There was a new one to place on your shoe. Becky a team mother is helping Brady put his number on his shoe. The reason for the one on the shoe is when they cross the finish line a machine reads the one on his shoe to get an accurate time.... I love technology - that is cool!
One on the shirt, one on the pants and one on the shoe. Brady showing them all to me - LOL!
Here is a look at Eagle Island and the course is mapped out. It is quite the course - here is a description of the course from the website: EAGLE ISLAND STATE PARK is a championship tested cross country course that challenges competitors by requiring constant adjustments to a variety of surfaces including grass, sand, packed dirt, open field, and asphalt (but only 9 meters of the black stuff). The course also requires competitors to constantly adjust pace as they negotiate a number of turns and two trips up and down Spectator Hill with its 50 meter climb and fast 90 meter descent. Course elevation 2,724 feet

This park has been actively used for cross country meets since 1989. It has been the site of the Bob Firman Invitational, numerous district meets, four state championship meets, the WAC championships, and will be the site for the 2007 NCAA DII West Regionals. It was also selected as one of eight courses nationwide as a meet site under Nike's original NTN regional qualifying format.
Coach Rusty is giving the JV Boys instructions about the race and when to let lose and "run like the dickens" (Rusty's motto). You can see Brady in the back ground.
Here are some running shots of the boys in different locations.

Here they come to where I was standing. Looking and looking for Brady.
There he is -- I almost miss him.
There is Nathan.
There is Conner (I think).
Here comes number 1242 - yup, it's Brady. Running hard.

It wasn't his best race and he was disappointed not to break 20 minutes. He's going to have to train harder. But all in all, he did great! I'm always proud of him and love cheering the boys on!

Run like the dickens!

Brady's times so far this year:
Run for the Pie (Boise High) wasn't timed.
Caldwell: 21:56
Silverwood: 20:12
Centipede: 21:15 - team run - not official time - true run.
Bob Firman 21:05 (It was a HOT day in the 90's)

Due to budget shortages they cut 2 races out of the schedule.
This Saturday 10/02 is Warrior Mountain in Cascade Idaho. It's a HARD, HARD course and one that you can't get a great time on. I won't be going - I'll be staying home and watching General Conference.

The next meet is in Nampa on 10/13 Wed - Usually during the day while I am working. I hope I can get to the race.

Then a District Race at Eagle Island on 10/22.  I'm not quite sure if Brady will run that race. Nampa may be the last one. 

This year is going by tooo fast.  But, I sure love Cross Country! A sad note is that Coach Rusty will be leaving the team. This is his last year and he won't be here for Brady's Senior year.


Cherie said...

Good job to Brady!!!
Great post about the Bob Firman meet - I love your map of the course that is cool! It really is quite the tough course.
I love the schools new banner too - It looks great on their tent!! Gooooo Warriors!
There is a meet in Oregon too on the 8th. I'm going to have to check which ones they cut I didn't know that - boo hoo!
I am also so sad Rusty is leaving. I hope the other coaches can "get it done!" next year and for us, the year after - but we will really miss Coach Rusty :-D

Cherie said...

P.S. Have you ever seen Bob Firman? I heard he was at the meet and I guess he is there every year but I have yet to see the famous coach who started this race.

Zoey said...

I hate running in the heat, so I think that that is an acceptable time, don't you? Tell him congratulations! That is sad that they had to cut out 2 races... such is the times for every school!


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