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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Weather Alert for Tornado in Idaho

Yesterday while I was picking up Brady from school (because he cleaned out his locker and didn't want to take everything home on the bus), there was a message on the radio from the "Emergency Broadcast Service"... BEEP ---- BEEEEEEP ---- BEEEEEEEEP... This is a message from the Emergency Broadcast System for a tornado warning in Ada County. Then they went on to instruct residents who live in a mobile home to seek shelter elsewhere, in home - go to the basement or a room in the center of your home. Seek Shelter.
While I was waiting for Brady before the warning - I was watching the dark clouds and the movement in them. I knew some weather was coming... but never thought a tornado warning would be the result of those clouds.
The best thing about living in Idaho is the fact that we don't have scary weather. We don't have tornadoes, we don't have hurricanes, usually we don't have flooding - it's rare because we live in a desert area... The most weather we get is snow and that isn't scary - because it doesn't ruin your home and leave you homeless.
When a "Emergency Broadcast System" alert is issued - it is alarming - because it just doesn't happen here in Idaho. I really wasn't worried because those dark clouds were gone and the wind wasn't blowing hard around my area anymore. When we returned home, I immediately turned on the TV and checked the radar on my computer. Channel 7 was on for the full 45 minutes during the warning tracking the weather. People were calling in and telling what they saw.

The storm was heading towards Lucky Peak where our Dam is located.. I was more worried about that and damage to the Dam and and possible flooding.
In the end - it was a funnel cloud and strong winds. Many trees were blown over.
Fences were blown down.
Houses lost shingles ... there was a house shown during Channel 2 news cast that showed a home's roof complete void of shingles and the tar paper was coming up - and their fence was gone/laying on the ground. (I couldn't find the picture).

I'm glad we didn't have a tornado. It's weird when the weather has a hit and miss area - like you see with tornado damage on the plains/tornado alley.

The good thing is that there were no injuries - no loss of life - no loss of homes. Just a little scary for those people who were in the middle of the funnel cloud areas. It was a wild weather Friday afternoon.

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Now if we can have a little sunshine this week - all will be well. I'm tired of rain, rain...rain... Like living in Seattle or something. Some rain is OK - but not day after day... I like sun  now and then... Sun shine and high temperatures are forecasted for the rest of the week - I hope it comes to pass. :-D


Garden of Egan said...

Wow! That is wild!
I didn't see the news yesterday.

Ya, the weather in Idaho is driving me insane right now.

I think Edward Cullen could live here.

Valerie said...

Scary!!! So glad you're okay.

Ann Marie said...

Hi Sondra..

It's been a long time since I have visited. I missed you. I wish I had the time to go back and read all of your posts because I'm sure I missed many things..

First of all.. those pictures of the tornado are AMAZING. So cool. I thought you were taking them.. and I was thinking wow.... you are brave.. lol!

The trees down make me sad. :(
Weird that you had a tornado. We had ONE some years back and everyone was FREAKED. I guess you can't say NEVER....

So.. I never talked with you about end of season things. What did you think about Vampire Diaries? I am DYING!!! You need to e-mail me.. so we can chat about it.

Hope you have a good Sunday.. and wishing the sun to come your way this week...


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