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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Father's Day M&M Bow Tie

Last Saturday Zoey Michelle was prepping some fun gifts for Brandon for Father's Day. We ran to the store to get some M&M's to make a bow tie. On the way, I remembered that Brady was heading to Salt Lake City to see his Dad and we didn't even think about getting anything for him... Yes, I am so bad to forget this.

This is Brady's dad. We found a card, got him a 100Grand candy bar and some peanut M&M's for a bow tie. The card was really cute. It had a patch of hair in the inside as a gift for the top of his bald head... it was funny. Too bad I didn't scan it before he left. When Brady arrived in SLC Sunday afternoon, he attached the M&M bow tie to his dad's neck - which he proudly wore all day long.

I'm sooooo glad I thought to send something :-D LOL! I'm a bad ex-wife... to remind his son to get him something... Thank goodness for Zoey Michelle's great example!
I had to throw in a picture of AFY last year with the boys proudly wearing their M&M bow ties the girls made them.
I don't know what that face is Brady is giving us... but I had to put it in because he makes me laugh. Cute bow tie...  I'm sure one day he will kill me for putting this in my blog... That's why you should always smile for pictures... mawhahahaha
We didn't put a poem/thanks on our bow ties but this is a cute picture from Oopsey Daisy to see what an M&M bow Tie looks like up close.

Here are photos of our Father for the Day at home. BRANDON, Zoey's husband in a very cute bow tie!!

Even more fantastic surrounded by happy children.... Wait - DAWSON - what is that face?
Happy Father's Day Brandon from his darling children, Faith, Dawson and Kate!

Brady left for Salt Lake City on Sunday morning. He is gone all week..
My house was eerily quiet when everyone left Sunday... I'm trying to get a few projects done this week around the house.

Brady comes home on Saturday because my Nephew Shawn is having his mission farewell on Sunday. My mom will come in on Saturday with Autumn, my niece. Autumn will stay and visit with Brady next week - while my mom stays and works with me. Autumn and Brady will have a great time!!
Pictures from AFY last year.. I'm glad they will have time this summer to spend together. They love each other and get along really well. I'm sure there will be lots of giggling... silly teenagers. I'm glad she is coming!


Midwestern Gone Idahoan said...

LOVE the bow ties!! How do you do it? Dean was gone for Father's Day - and al the week!! So we will celebrate it this Sunday coming up!! The M&M bow ties are great!!!

Garden of Egan said...

I can't believe it's almost been a year since the bow ties! That's the post I think I totally stumbled on and fell in love with your site!!!!
I love them.

You are a an awesome woman.

Valerie said...

I've never made those cute bow ties before.


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