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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Farkle and a Thank You!

During Zoey Michelle's visit last week, she brought a game with her. It is called Farkle. She brought a new game, unwrapped it and we started to learn how to play. You try to roll a 1 or a 5 for points - or 3, 4, 5 of a kind or a full house. These have to be rolled in a single roll of the dice. but you can roll more times to try and get more 1's or 5's. It's hard to explain and I really didn't understand it until we started playing it. It was fun and it is a game of luck. You have to wager your score in the next roll, because if you don't get a 1 or a 5 or the 3-5 of a kind, then it is a FARKLE and you loose any points you have accumulated during your turn.

Anyway it was tons of fun. Zoey Michelle smoked us and won the game. Brandon was right on her heels. We had a blast! We also played Phase 10 which Zoey Michelle won too - she was on a roll. Then we played Life Twists and Turns which I am happy to say that Faith and I won (this is the game that I usually win). Faith was helping me play and was my lucky charm - huge spins every time. It was awesome and a blast - especially when you win. It is ALWAYS much more fun playing games, chatting and laughing then sitting around talking (in my opinion).
After Zoey Michelle and her family left, I started tearing the beds apart to wash the bedding and I found she left me the Farkle game and a cute Thank You card under the pillow in the bed they slept in. Very clever and such a surprise. She is very thoughtful! I really enjoyed the visit too! Here is the card:

From Zoey Michelle's family "the J.'s for short and her children - Faith J. and Dawson (I love his signature) and Kate. How sweet.

Farkle is a fun family game - you should check it out!

PS: I call Zoey - Zoey Michelle because when she was growing up, she went by Michelle and that is who I know her as. But when she was in Jr and Sr. high school she went by Zoey. Plus, Zoey is my mother's name which is confusing when I talk about her. Now I call her Zoey Michelle.. Just a little history.


Garden of Egan said...

So cute. That game looks like fun. I have seen it but never bought one. Now I am going to have to!
Thanks for the review.

Tigersue said...

Here are the rules to a similar game. I like it a bit better than farkle. We just used our spare dice to play.

Valerie said...

Fun to have a nice family visit. What a sweet Thank You gift!
We got Farkle for Christmas, but have yet to play it~ I guess I'll be getting it out this week! :)

Small House said...

Catching up from a broken computer! I'm the only person that enjoys games at our house. I've been looking for a game for one...hahahah.

Love the bow ties by the way. I've definitely got to remember that one.
Have a good day.


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