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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dairy Days 2010

This year for Dairy Days, my niece Zoey Michelle and her family came and stayed with me for a mini vacation. They live in Pocatello. We had a great time all weekend. They arrived on Thursday night through Sunday. Immediately after arriving Zoey Michelle started to make us dinner of homemade pizza and bread sticks.

She is funny because she planned out all the meals and brought food - because she didn't want me to make everything for her family. Really it was killing me - I can feed them... but she was insistent to make me food, even after a long drive.
Friday night we attended the parade. Back row is Brandon, Zoey's husband with Dawson on his lap.
Then Faith, Zoey, Brady and in front Kate (3 years old).

We love dairy days because we get chocolate milk, cheese strings - and they gave out ice cream but we didn't get any :-(.
Since it was dairy days, there were lots of tractors and cows of course.
They gave away t-shirts! Faith got one and so did Brady - Yeah!
Black cat ready to pounce on the......
Cheese and a bunch of mice...
This float had friends from my ward, Brenda and her son Cooper and Keri and her children Broden and Bree. Broden was in my Primary class last year. It's always fun to see friends!
Lots of little children riding cows on wheels. What a fun way to travel down the parade!
Seriously freaky - a chain saw massacre man advertising the corn maze while letting his chain saw roar.

Covered wagons.
This is our not so happy Dawson. We found out after the parade why he didn't want to come to the parade and why he seemed miserable.

It seems he remembers throwing up after a parade last year and was afraid that he would throw up again from the sights and smells. He was happy and relieved after the parade because he was fine. Poor little guy.
This float was pretty creative with balloon figures.
Camel on wheels.
Flying carpet.
50's diner.
Our cute little Kate. She was having a great time. Dawson is in the red.

See that old white car spotted with cow spots in the back ground. There were lots of cars, Meridian speedway racing cars which revved up their engines really loud. There were marching bands, princesses, cars, fire trucks...and trash cans.. Yup, trash cans - because Meridian is going to huge trash cans for automated trucks starting July 1st - no more store bought trash cans - they have to be rented :-( sooo they can "milk" more money out of us (I digress-LOL!).
Kate found a little friend who was 3 years old too. It was soooo cute watching them. Arms around each other.

Holding hands... We loved it and they were cute getting candy - nobody could resist those little hands held out for candy. They got lots of candy for us - ha ha ha.

Those race cars were REALLY LOUD!
One happy Kate who LOVED the parade.

We all had a great time visiting all weekend. Zoey Michelle is suppose to send me more pictures of other things they did while I worked. I'll post again once I receive the pictures.

I hope they will come again to visit. It is really fun to have family visit, play games, eat good food and chat. We had a great time together!


Midwestern Gone Idahoan said...

Sounds like you guys had tons of fun!!! I didn;t see the picture of the Crapo truck:) My nephew was driving that!! He stopped by after!!

Connie said...

I love it when you post about the parade, brings back lots of memories. Darling family to come visit. I must admit, when I saw the picture of Dawson being sad, I though he was sporting an awesome looking mullet. Then I realized it was his sister's hair! Don't know if I was relieved or disappointed. Cute pictures of everyone!
Hope you're having a wonderful summer!

Robyn said...

Bummed that we missed it this year. We also love the dairy days parade!


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