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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Movie Review - "Iron Man 2"

Brady and I have been waiting for Iron Man 2 to come out. We decided to attend the movie the day it came out, Friday June 7th as soon as Brady came home from school. There was a showing at 3:30 and 4:15 - but we hurried and made the 3:30 showing - Yeah!

We loved Iron Man 1, Robert Downey Jr. was awesome in that movie as Tony Stark. He did not disappoint in Iron Man 2. I love him!
There were new characters introduced in Iron Man 2. Natasha played by Scarlet Johansson, and Ivan Vanko played by Mickey Rourke.
I loved Natasha! Scarlett did a great job. Her fighting reminded me of the Matrix or Bourne Identity. It was really cool. I love powerful women!
There was Pepper Potts. Will Tony and Pepper ever get together? That is the question....

Mickey Rourke as Ivan Vanko was very impressive. He is an awful looking man, tattoos and I have to say his finger nails are gross. He did a great job with the accent and acting. Ivan Vanko is a brilliant man in the movie - and scary with his brilliance and hatred for Tony Stark.
I HATE it when they change actors. This is what they did with the character "Rhodey". Iron Man 2 Rhodey was played by Don Cheadle. He did a good job, but I didn't like the change.
I preferred Terrence Howard as Rhodey in Iron Man. It's hard to wrap your mind around actor changes - at least for me anyway.

I loved this movie. Two thumbs up from me!!

After the movie Brady and I headed over to Sizzler for a nice dinner. It was a great Friday evening and a great way to start a Mother's Day weekend. If you saw Iron Man 1 - you will love Iron Man 2.

If you haven't seen Iron Man 1 - why not. It is great!


Scrappy Girl said...

Thanks for the review. Dr. Hubby is wanting to go see this...I loved #1.

Valerie said...

We haven't seen this one yet. I'll have to watch the first one again before we go though since I didn't really get into it and can't remember much about it.


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