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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


It is rewarding to watch planted seeds grow into flourishing plants. Everyday I eagerly await as they pop through the soil and start to grow.
This was a picture taken last week as they slowly started to grow.
This week the tomato plants are looking like tomato plants.
I was worried about the bell pepper plant. I thought it was a dud for sure. But yesterday there was a plant and today their are two.
The celery plants are tiny. I hope they will bring me celery this year and hopefully I didn't' get them planted to late. Well see what a month does to them before I plant them outside.
The broccoli plants are the fastest growing plant of the bunch. They may over take my kitchen window soon.
It took a while for the peas to find their way out of the soil. I think it took those nice warm days to help them warm up the soil and encourage them to peek out and find the sun. I have 4 containers full of pea plans. I'm can hardly wait until I can open a fresh pod and eat some fresh peas... hmmmmm can't wait!

I worked in the yard over the weekend and ended up getting a blister in the palm of my hand. I hate blisters - especially when you clean houses for a living. It seems to be healing. The yard is looking wonderful. I'm loving the signs of spring!!
My lilac bush is going to be covered with flowers this year. I don't believe I've had so many flowers covering the bushes - ever. I can't wait until they are all in full bloom. It's going to smell heavenly.
I was worried about my bleeding heart bushes. They had frost bite from the cold a couple of weeks ago and the blooms were withering away. But due to the beautiful weather last week - more blooms appeared and they are growing bigger every day. You know a bleeding heart represents the blood our Savior, Jesus Christ shed for us. I always remember him when these plants grow each spring.

I love Spring!


Scrappy Girl said...

They are lookng good! I thought of you when I saw the ad for the Avatar movie!

Midwestern Gone Idahoan said...

YEA!!! This is the first year that I have done starts and I am loving it also!!!

kado! said...

oh, Happy Spring to you! I am happy watching my sons seed begin to sprout!!

Connie said...

Is that picture of your lilac bush taken now? Wow! I should go check mine but I'll wait until the thunder storm is over!

I remember from last summer that you have the best garden! Looks like the same will happen again!


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