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Friday, April 16, 2010

High Speed Internet

During a visit with Jason and Sharon last week, we were discussing movies they had seen. They pulled up the trailer on my computer for me to watch. It kept buffering and buffering, which I thought was normal because my computer always is slow and buffering when I watch videos.

They asked me what speed my connection is through Qwest. I pulled out my bill and saw that I was paying for 1.5 speed. They went to this site called (a free service) to see the speed of my Internet was. I was only at .4 or .5 of speed - very slow for what I was paying for.

I called a Qwest tech support person and had her figure out why I wasn't getting the speed I have been paying for (for at least 4 years)..

We found out the culprit was a telephone filter. Yes, both of these filters were on the line BEFORE my computer connection was plugged in. This was causing my slow speed.
We took them off and plugged the line directly into the slot. Woo Hoo! High speed Internet.
Not a pretty connection (the old telephone on the wall outlet)..

I can't tell you how happy I am and how fast everything is. I can now watch a news story or a YouTube video without all that buffering.

The sad thing is that I've paid for high speed connection for years and didn't get it.

If you have Qwest Internet, check and makes sure you don't have any filters on the phone line before your computer plug in. It will slow the connection down.

I'm loving my computer lately... Loading photos into my blog is faster and easier. Life is great without all that waiting.

Needless to say, I'm thankful for Jason and Sharon's visit and their knowledge.


Scrappy Girl said...

It is always nice to have a personal "techie" visit. I love that my BIL {Lil Sis's hubby} is so techno-minded.

Scrappy Girl said... satellite was repaired this week so I got to watch ALL of Vampire Diaries. I am loving this not so perfect version of Stefan. He was getting a little stuffy. I also enjoy getting small peeks at Damon's interest in Elena. Her taking him up to her bedroom and his sitting on the bed with her teddy bear was great!

Garden of Egan said...

Awesome 4 you!
There is not much worse than a slow connection....well except no chocolate.

Small House said...

UGH!!! Had dial-up FOREVER...sounds like you almost did to. Except you weren't supposed to!! I bet it's like getting a new pair of glasses. You can now see the world differently now. Okay...the internet world anyway!
Have a great day.

brandon said...



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