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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fred Meyer Geranium/Fuschia Weekend

Yeah it is the Geranium, Fuchsia, Strawberry weekend at Fred Meyers!! This is the time I always purchase my geraniums. They are 4 for $3.00 or $.75 cents each. I love this fantastic savings instead of a bigger plant for $3.00 (+ plus) a plant.
By the time it's time to plant the flowers outside, they are as big as the $3 plants anyway. Plus, the added bonus that I've noticed is these $.75 seedling plants grow better in my berms then the the bigger plants do when they are planted.

I decided to purchase only red geraniums this year and I purchased 6 flats of 32 plants each. That is a total of 192 geranium plants. Yahooooooo! I am sure this is enough to put some in all of my berms... I have lots and lots of flower areas in my yard (which are beautifully cement curbed - that I did last year)..
I brought them home and watered them and left them out in the sun. Wow - the grass looks really green there (time to mow the grass this weekend). I put them out on the patio every day for sunshine and bring them in the house at night. It's a big job - but I don't mind it for the next 6 weeks or so until they can be planted in the ground (usually after Memorial Day weekend). It's gonna be beautiful!

I didn't purchase any fuchsias this time, I'm going to plant "wave petunia's" in all my hanging pots this year.

My plan is to have red geraniums, with purple and white petunias, and yellow marigolds in my berm this year (along with all the perennials already in the berms). I'll purchase the petunias around Mother's day when a flat of 48 plants goes on sale for around $11.00 per flat.

And for the front shady side of my house I will plant impatients because they did beautifully last year. I've never planted impatients before and never had much luck with any flowers in the front of my yard because it's so shady (I'm on the wrong side of the street). But the impatients did beautifully last year, so I am going to do this again this year. However, I will plant them the entire stretch of the front yard - I can't wait to see it during the summer - it will be stunning.

I'm excited for the sun - which was beautiful yesterday. I played out in the sun a little yesterday - pulling weeds and doing this and that - just to be in the sun! I'm loving warm sunny days - not to mention the popcorn on the trees, daffodils and tulips popping out of the ground where ever you look.

Spring is beautiful as the earth starts to awaken again!

Also yesterday, my broccoli plants were out of the soil - it's fun to see seeds sprout into plants. It makes me happy!


Laura Lynn said...

Oh, I miss Fred Meyer! Shopped there growing up in the Pac NW and later in UT. They have the best baby socks by the way and you can't find them anywhere else. Maybe I'll see if they're online..Oh, and I love their garden shop too!

quilts and quirks said...

I'm a transplanted midwestern living in Vegas now. I so miss the beautiful flowers in bloom in the summer. We do have some shade in our backyard that impatiens love in the fall and spring (even in our winter). Wave petunias are the best.

Scrappy Girl said...

Looks like you got some great things.

Midwestern Gone Idahoan said...

See, my mom even likes your blog!!! And I love her quilts!!! Went and got some flowers today!!! Some soil and seeds for my garden. We are makeing garden starts!!!


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