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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Fun 2010

It doesn't matter how old my children get, I will always decorate Easter eggs. In my book, it will never feel like Easter unless I have colored eggs.
The eggs turned out beautifully. We did 3 dozen eggs.
Brady didn't want the Easter bunny to hide the eggs, but was willing to help decorate them.
I was happy that I purchased the egg decorating kits at the end of the season last year at 90% off. I hope to find a good deal again this year. They worked fine, except the red color pill didn't work (no problem).

I bought a tie dye kit and it was fun to squish the eggs around the plastic bags with the dye. They turned out beautifully! However, I had some pretty funky colored nails and hands from this technique - all in the fun!
Here are the kids baskets.

While we were watching the Sunday morning session of conference, I decided that we needed to hide eggs for Sharon to find. She is always game for the fun stuff... It's fun to have a daughter in the family.

As I suspected, she was really excited to find the eggs. Brady stuffed and hid 45 eggs and 12 of them had money in them - extra bonus!!
Here is the loot from the eggs. She loved it! Thanks Sharon for keeping Easter a live for me :-D LOL!

Dinner was yummy! We had ham, a pan of the cheesy potatoes from my freezer, asparagus's, resurrection rolls, deviled eggs, relish trays, strawberry shortcake. Sometimes all the planets a-line and everything tasted wonderful, the flavor was just right and everything was cooked perfectly. It was a great meal. I was happy that Jason and Sharon arrived at 4 PM when the last session of conference ended and they were able to help make the resurrection rolls with us.

After dinner we played Phase 10 (of course). Near the end of the game, Jason and Sharon started touching each other and teasing each other. Look at that not so innocent look on Jason's face (yes, he was in TROUBLE from the "Mom").. He had the back scratcher and was egging her on. I had to grab my camera and capture the trouble maker, ha ha!
It was all in fun, and it got pretty wild and silly.
It's nice to be together as a family and sharing a nice Easter Sunday together.
Sharon won the Phase 10 AGAIN... she always wins. It was a close and fun game. We had a really great time together.


Scrappy Girl said...

Sounds absolutely perfect! Nothing tops off a great day better than to end it with a good game of Phase that game. Glad you had a great holiday! Miss your visits over at the farm!

Garden of Egan said...

So cute!
Looks like you had fun.
I thought I would see Brady with the chocolate Easter bunny ear gone.

Ann Marie said...

Dear Sondra.. Where have you been?

It looks like your Easter was fabulous! Happy for you!

Love the money in the eggs.. ;) Sp did my little Mary Caroline.. Candy? What's that? She wanted the coins! lol!

Michelle said...

I look forward to the day that I get to decorate some myself :D I don't like to do more than about 3 dozen because we can't eat more than 36 eggs. But dividing 36 by 6 kids doesn't give the momma & pappa many eggs to dye.

I love watching my kids dye the eggs, and the older children had fun putting on an egg hunt between sessions on sat.


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