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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Movie Review: "Avatar"

Now that is what a call a movie!! A wonderful movie... It totally ROCKED!!

The reviews have been mixed with things like "it's political", its "environmental", it was trying to say the US is bad. I'd heard all of those things and was weary about going. Then it became such a hit that I knew that we needed to go.

It was an actual story. It flowed very well. It let you fall right into the story and your feelings became part of it. The graphics were amazing, to have human and fictional characters in the same movie - it was flawless.

I could go and see it again and again, and I will. This is the movie to spend your money on. I will own it.

It was a great ending. It was a feel good/spiritual movie. I recommend it wholeheartedly. I think it was brilliant! You need to see it on the big screen. See it today! Wow weeeeee!! Loved it!

To tell you how much I loved it, we had to go back tonight and see it again. Twice in one day and I loved it just as much. I haven't seen it 3D yet, because 3D gives me a headache. But I may have to try it.

I enjoyed Sigourney Weaver in the movie. She did a great job. I thought her Avatar was really cool and it looked like her too. The visual graphics are unbelievably great. It is such a fun ride. Loved it again!!


Nikia, May and da kids said...

Did you see it 3D??
My husband has access to the movie DVDs from the studio, so we watched it at home and reviewed it then he spent some serious cash for our family to go see it in 3D at the theater. It was a GREAT film! We saw it two more times at home because my family was hooked.


kado! said...

I SOOOO loved it too! We saw it is 3-D..and that is THE WAY to see it! The boys loved it too! It sends a beautiful message..and I'm no liberal!

The Garden of Egan said...

Now I have another movie to go see. I love getting reviews because I hate shelling out the cash for a rotten one.

Small House said...

SERIOUS??? REALLY???? I wouldn't have thought to go to this show. It just didn't seem like a movie I'd like. Hmmmm.....Another to add to my movie list!

Connie said...

My son went to it last night and he didn't like it. I think he was super tired though and he saw it in 3D.
Thanks for the review

Scrappy Girl said...

This movie is so odd...I have heard that so many people LOVED it, but really had not interest in seeing it...but they went and LOVED it. I have no interest in seeing it...but everyone's reviews are peaking my curiousity!

Ann Marie said...

Chad loved it.. and all of my family did as well.. but my sister Erin.. She said it was a cross between Dances with Wolves, Smurfs and Pochahontis. I'm not into sci-fi, Aliens, and fantasy.. so it's not really my type of movie.

I'll pay BIG bucks for cheesy-romantic flicks.. because those are just my own interests.. :)

Glad you LOVED it. So did my Chad.
If you love it so much.. you really should see it 3-D though.. My family thought it was amazing!

Zoey said...

We'll have to wait until it comes to a redbox, but we will add it to our list.

Cherie said...

That is cute that you saw it twice in one day:D My oldest son loved it but also said it was best in 3D. It's not my kind of movie but I'll probably see it when it comes out on DVD.
Glad you enjoyed it!!


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