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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Avatar 3D

Last week Jason and Sharon finally went to Avatar 3D. After they returned home Jason called me in awe. They loved it! He raved on and on about the cool effects of the movie in 3D and wanted to go again. But this time he wanted to go to IMAX 3D and wanted Brady and me to go with them. We tried to work out our schedules for the best time to go. He couldn't go Friday night, I couldn't go Saturday night (because I had Stake Conference), of course Sunday is out, so we decided to go on Monday.

I had to work Monday morning so the 11:15 am show was out, the next show was 3:15 pm which we decided to go to. It was a holiday and the kids were out of school so we decided to leave our houses 45 minutes before the movie started and meet each other there. When Brady and I arrived there was a line. I purchased our tickets and then the show was quickly sold out before Jason and Sharon arrived. I was bummed that I didn't purchase their tickets for them. We called and let them know it was sold out - bummer.

We've never been to the IMAX theater before. It costs a lot - $14.50 each (WOW!!). The screen is huge - but the seating was squished together (which I didn't like). Plus, it was a sold out show and we were packed in like sardines. We put on own glasses and experienced the movie in 3D.

It was fun to see the dimensions of the people and more detail. It put the picture in a whole different light. It was cool. The fast action spots go really blurry - for Brady as it wasn't just my eye sight. There were so many details you missed in the regular movie and it was amazing.

However, I was so caught up with all the little details - that I couldn't focus on the story as much. For me and Brady we prefer the regular movie - I thought it was much better and we were able to fall into the story easier.

While the 3D is fantastic it was harder to enjoy the story. As I ponder this in regards to some of the movies I've seen lately, it's like people just want to see action and special effects. They don't care as much about the story line or the acting (in my opinion). I prefer the other way. I want to be lost in the story line, feel the love, enjoy the love story, the heartache and laughter as the story is being told. I don't need all the bells and whistles to enjoy a good movie. For me the 3D version should only be watched after you have enjoyed it on the regular screen - that way you can fall in love with the story.

I love the Avatar movie. I love the love story, the humor, the Avatar people, the forest, the scientists. It was a wonderful movie (if I haven't said that enough - LOL).

After the movie, the original plan was that Brady was going to go home with Jason and Sharon while I went and cleaned my business customer. This didn't work out, because Jason and Sharon were not there. Unfortunately Brady had to come with me to Compton's and help clean. He didn't realise I was taking him there until we pulled up into the business parking lot. He wasn't happy (oh well). He had to help me clean. It was good that he helped me because I arrived 2 hours later then I regularly do and it would have been a late night. He was a great help.

As we left to go home I asked, did it kill you? He said, that a part of his soul was left behind.. He cracks me up. Too bad Jason and Sharon couldn't make it to the movie with us (we probably wouldn't have been able to sit together though). I'm sure we will have to try again to go. I'm not quite done watching Avatar in the movie theater... a new addiction.


Cherie said...


I know I already told you that my oldest son LOVED this movie but thought the 3-D was!!

Maybe the "younger people" really like all the extra's with the special effects, etc...

It kind of reminded me of Disneyland :D
I am a total Disney Freak and always have been but you have to be able to appreciate all the "Themeing" that is in every ride line, the music, the whole package is what makes it magical but most teen's and young adults would prefer 6 Flags or somewhere where there are bigger rides and more roller coasters - they are too young to appreciate all the details, the themeing and the magic.

I guess everyone likes something different and you like different things at different ages.

I think personally the 3D version of this might make me sick - I get motion sickness pretty easy - ha ha. I still just need to see this in the regular theatre.

Glad you found a new addiction and something you enjoy so much with Brady!!

Have a GREAT day!

Cherie :D

Scrappy Girl said...

Brady and Manga Dork seem to share the same "love" of cleaning...

Valerie said...

We saw the 3-D version and it was lovely, but I agree about being so capitvated by the little details that I missed the big picture! :) The 3D glasses also made my little guy get a really bad headache, so I missed about 40 minutes of the movie sitting out in the hall with him. I missed the whole transition part of the movie! So we definitley want to go back and see it again (regular version this time).
The day we went to the movie, it was sold out too and people were fighting over seating. It was crazy!

Valerie said...

Wow! You really love that movie. :)

So glad that your son could help you clean, even though he didn't exactly volunteer.

Rhonda said...

So glad to hear you liked the regular better. Our tast in movies are so close I know we can go to the non 3D and we will love it. I didn't want to pay the extra money but would have if you would have said ;0) We can not wait to see it. Poor poor Brady and his lost soul ;o( stop abusing that kid will ya.

Ann Marie said...

You crack me up.
I love how we are so alike in being "passionate" about things.

I didn't even ever care to see this on DVD.. but now that you LOVE it so very much.. I'll give it a try.

kado! said...

I LOVED this movie in 3-D. LOVED it! it was the best 3-D movie I have many details..and I love the story too...but I think i told you that already! ;)


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