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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Visit With Jason's Dad

Last night we had a nice visit with Jason's father, Larry. He goes by Lawrence now, but that just seems to formal to me. I still call him Larry. He came into town Monday and is leaving this morning (Wednesday). Jason took the time off work to spend with his Dad, which was nice since we don't see him very often. I actually haven't seen him for years and it was great to see him last night.
It's really fun to joke with him. He is a great guy (of course I was madly in love with him for years). Now we have a nice brotherly/sisterly love for one another.They came over yesterday afternoon to go out to dinner that evening. We had to wait until Brady was finished with cross country practise, then he had piano lessons and then he had to shower. We didn't leave for dinner until after 7pm. While we waited for Brady, we played a game of Phase 10 - Sharon won and it was a fun game.
We had to get a picture of Sharon too - since she took the family picture above. They are such a cute couple!!
We went to dinner at Olive Garden, it was yummy. We had a very nice evening visiting and catching up. It's been too long sincewe have seen each other. He needs to try and make it into town more often, at least to keep in touch with his son. We do love Larry and are glad he is part of the family.


Ann Marie said...

I am so glad you showed this!
I have always wondered what the boys fathers looked like.. and I am exited to see this! ~~ The only thing better.. would have been an old wedding photo of you to as well.

He is a nice looking man... and I'm glad that you have a brotherly/sisterly love. I know firsthand how important it is to have a non-hateful relationship with the ex's.

Jealous of Olive Garden.. One of my FAVORITE places to eat. There pumpkin cheesecake that they are serving right now is SINFUL! :)

Love the pictures.. Happy day!

Mom said...

Loved seeing Larry He still looks good even with gray hair :-)

Scrappy Girl said...

He is very handsome and I can see both of you in your son. Glad you had a great time. I haven't eaten at Olive Garden in years.

Connie said...

You're such a good woman to stay "friends" with the your ex husband. So important.
Yeah for Olive Garden!

Zoey said...

Fun to see him with Jason again. It sounds like you had a wonderful visit.

Small House said...

I'm glad you had fun with your family!! How nice that you are friends with your son's dad. That's important not just for your son, but for the entire family.

Enjoyed the pictures.


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