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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Children Dressed Up? Cool!

I have such wonderful home teachers who really look after my son. Saturday night as Brady waited to be picked up by our home teacher for the Priesthood session, we saw a car pull up. Out stepped a man with a suit on and assumed it was our home teacher. I yelled at Brady, "They're here". Brady opens the door and to our surprise, it was Jason in his suit and Sharon in a dress. Total shocker.
I had to grab my camera and take a picture of my children all dressed up. I love seeing them all dressed up! It seems kind of strange to me that Brady isn't a little boy anymore but becoming a man. You can see it every time I take a picture.
Sharon and Jason were returning from a wedding and decided to stop by their favorite store - my food storage closet :-D. Jason's Dad is here visiting (Mon and Tues) and they wanted food in their house. No problem .... I'm glad I have food storage to help them out and it also helps me rotate what I store.
They stayed quite a while after Brady left for the Priesthood meeting. We had a great visit. I sure do love my children. Of course I keep waiting for their wedding!! Especially after listening to conference and Elder Oaks comments. They really need to get married!!! Jason and Sharon, are you listening? LOL! (they hear it from me all the time).

After they shopped through their favorite store they went home and I had to get ready for our "after Priesthood session" get together.

A great tradition my home teachers started last conference is to get together after the session, eat apple crisp and they go over the talks with me.

I really appreciate the fun get together as families and discuss what was said during the priesthood session. It's really valuable to me, since I don't have a husband to tell me what the counsel was. I think this should be a tradition for every single woman - that their home teachers step up and share this council (we need it).

We enjoy visiting and my home teachers count this visit as their monthly visit (which I love getting it done in such a joyous way!) My home teachers ROCK!!


Ann Marie said...

Cute pictures!

I always ask my husband about the priesthood session.. and the answers are never LIKE I want to hear them. Maybe I need Home teachers to do that too.. ha-ha

Your such a good Momma. There is a warm feeling of Love and safety knowing that we are free to shop at my parents house anytime also... :)

Michelle said...

I love the "favorite store" comment! It is nice to have a mom that keeps food storage--& uses it :D

I also have that kind of a store. I also agree that you probably get a better briefing of what was talked about in the priesthood session. my hubby & son usually will tell me 1 or 2 things--after I ask a million questions!

Scrappy Girl said...

How nice they all looked dressed up! crisp!

Zoey said...

What a fun tradition for your family and theirs! What would you ever do if they switched your home teachers??? Hang on to them while you can!

Rhonda said...

What a great picture of your family. I am glad you have such wonderful home teachers that are so good to you and Brady

Kimmie said...

What handsome kids and I just LOVE how proud you are and how much you love your kids!!

For October Conference we meet my parents and brothers families in Pocatello and then we go to dinner and then the men/boys go to Priesthood and the women and kids go to Desert Book. I am SO grateful to have a hubby that takes such good notes and I love our one hour drive home as Tracy tells me all of the key points of the talks and what he liked best. It makes me feel like I was there and a part of the session.

It touched my heart as you told about your Home Teacher taking Brady to Priesthood and how he comes home and goes over things with you after Priesthood. What an extra miler he is and his family will be blessed greatly for giving of his time to do this for you and Brady!

The gospel is amazing and those people that serve in our church are even MORE amazing!

I bet your home smelled just heavenly with the aroma of hot apple crisp. What a great tradition and SO awesome that your kids love to stop by their "Favorite Store".

Hope your week is a happy one!

Cherie said...

Sondra that is just SO awesome that you have that get together after Priesthood session and your hometeachers go over the talks with you.
I always wish I could go to Priesthood session because they get such awesome council and such funny things always happen - like last year Pres. Monson did his ear wiggle and this year the YM's choir was SO awful but very much appreciated - My husband laughed about that.
I love hearing about it all and can't wait til I can read it myself but I never thought about the single women who don't get that - So I totallythink your HT's Rock!!
I love the relationship you have with your kids. I love that they come to your house to shop - that is so cute.

Connie said...

What marvelous hometeachers! When we were first married, I would ask my husband what the talks in priesthood meeting were and he'd say it was "secret priesthood stuff." He has since repented and tells me everything!
My kids like shopping my food storage too! I love it when they do...I feel like I'm contributing somewhat even if I don't have the money to give them.

Small House said...

What a cute family! And you, a cute mom to! You are a wonderful example of a great mom. How nice they feel like they can come to you, and they'll get the love and support they need! I need a "STORE" like they have. HAHAHAHA

Today I took my daughters buds from her ipod to work with me. The idea was to listen to KBYU radio. But I checked the church website first, and low and behold conference can be heard online as well as the priesthood session. I of course went right to the priesthood session, because I had heard from my men how good it was, and they were RIGHT!! It was wonderful. Listen to it if you get a chance. I got a little teary every now and then.

You have some great traditions! How nice for Brady to have such fond memories to look back on.


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