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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pink Brady???

Friday night Brady's cross country team held a twilight team race. It was from about 7PM until a little after 9PM. The divided up the team into groups. Teams competed in a 1 mile race event with prizes for winning teams, best costumes, best cheers, and top 7 largest improvements from the first time trial to this one.
Brady was part of the Pink Panther team!! Yeah Pink Panthers!

This meant that they had to dress in pink. We were assigned to have the pink Halloween hair spray. Brady told me Friday that I needed to get him some pink hair spray and off I went to the store. I went to 3 different stores trying to locate Pink spray. Yeah, I found it at Fred Meyers and returned home.

However, I failed to understand that we were supplying the WHOLE team with the spray. Oh great.... off again to the store during rush hour traffic (not loving it and the mis-communication). This time I made Brady come with me. We purchased the last 2 cans on the shelf of Pink spray - giving us a total of 3 cans.... I hoped this would be enough.

I dropped Brady off at school with his pink hair spray in tow. After a dark 9 pm, I wondered how late it would be. Finally Brady called and off I went to pick him up. This is what he looked like: Grrrrrrrrr ...... Brawny steal and fast as lighting.... and PINK (he he)... Such a manly color! Someone was assigned pink shirts. I love the Pink Panther paws. Not to mention the pink hair. Yes.... there was enough for the team members to all have pink hair. AND Beautiful PINK legs....

Brady earned 10th place for best improvement in time for a 1 mile race. Woo Hoo. He received this cute adidas baby sandle... Yeah for Brady! It's great that he is continually improving!

Here are The Team Time Trial results:


1st Dylan 4:41 Yellow

2nd Taylor 4:53 Blue

3rd Michael 5:01 Silver

4th Chris 5:02 Black

5th Clayton 5:04 Silver

6th Ryan 5:07 Black

7th Sam 5:12 Pink

8th Nick 5:15 Pink

9th Rorie 5:16 Blue

10th Callie 5:21 Yellow

11th Sora 5:23 Blue

12th Lila 5:30 Silver

13th Taylor B 5:42 Yellow (Cherie's son) Woo Hoo Taylor a Freshman. He will be the one to watch in the coming years!

14th Becca 5:46 Silver

15th Zach 5:47 Yellow

16th Dan 5:47 Yellow

17th Chelsea 5:50 Black

18th Brady 6:00 Pink Yeah a 6 minute mile... I think that is awesome!

19th Nathan 6:01 Blue

20th Cody 6:04 Black

21st Connor 6:08 Pink

22nd Molly 6:08 Black

23rd Sarah 6:10 Pink

24th Connor 6:12 Pink

25th Ashley 6:15 Black

26th Meghan 6:20 Yellow

27th Jessica 6:20 Silver

28th Cipi 6:31 Silver

29th Sara 6:56 Black

30th Kristina 6:58 Blue

31st Kara 7:50 Silver

32nd Kelsey 8:08 Blue

Team Scores

Yellow 55 (oops we had a problem with the timing system!)

Silver 61

Blue 71

Black 88

Pink 94

This race was such a success that it will now be an annual event for the team. Coach Rusty makes everything so fun. Who would have thought high school boys were be OK wearing pink? I just loved it!


Valerie said...

What a fun prize! He looks good in pink, but I hope he doesn't decide he likes it enough to keep it. :)

Rhonda said...

Awww hes even cute all pinked up. Don't you LOVE when they tell you the day of the event that they need this and that and expect us to run right out and get it for them. We are mom we sit on our tush all day waiting at their beck-n-call to serve them. We have nothing better to do right? ;0)

Zoey said...

I love the pink! Way to go Brady!

Ann Marie said...

What fun pink is! ~ I don't know about all the time.. but.. well you know..

It seems like I havent been here forever. I just have been playing catch up and I am laughing at you.. Scrappy.. and Cherie.. You guys are so hilarious!
Blogs are so fun.

Your new background is adorable.. and I am a Vampire Diaries girl as well... Only... I admit.. I'm not sure if I LOVE the show.. or just the fact that I LOVE-LOVE to look at Stephen *wink-*

Hope your having a happy and HEALTHY week!

Scrappy Girl said...


Congrats Brady!

Kimmie said...

I'm always amazed at all of the FUN the Cross Country team does! FUN, FUN, night...and Brady looks awesome in pink!

I can't believe how much kids LOVE to spray their hair different colors and it couldn't be a better time of the year to do it than near Halloween!

Great Job Brady for running a 6 minute mile...that's awesome!

Hope you are having a great week!

(I have no comments on Twilight or Vampire diaries, as I haven't read OR watched either one). It's fun to see you all "bantering" back and forth).

Cherie said...

Brady looks SO CUTE with that pink hair - ha ha I love it. I love that he put it on his legs:D
Taylor was on the black team and they didn't go all out like that but it sure was a fun night for the cross country. I am always amazed at the stuff Rusty comes up with.
I love, love, love this team!!!

kado! said...

love the pink hair! Congrats to him! love the idea of the baby sandle for a prize! Cool!!!


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