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Friday, October 16, 2009

Flashback Friday - Halloween

When Jason was a baby, my sister Cindy made Carebear outfits for her girls and Jason. Jason is "Grumpy Bear". Next to him is his cousin Laura is "Love-A-Lot Bear".
Kind of crooked, but isn't Jason the cutest little Halloween stuffed animal ever? I had soooo much fun playing with this one - it is my favorite :-D.

Now here is a vampire I would let "suck my blood". He is my all time favorite vampire - above Edward and Stefan. Jason is the vampire of my heart!


Scrappy Girl said...

I want to squeeze those little vampires! LOL

Scrappy Girl said...

I meant care bears...LOL! I have vampires on the brain.

Zoey said...


Cherie said...


Love both the Care Bear and the Vampire costumes! Jason really does make a good vampire - Cool!

Connie said...

Love those warm, cute, Halloween costumes for babies!

Creative Mish said...


kado! said...

what cute little care-bears! ...and she made those costumes!!!...crafty!

I loved when the care-bears came back....they were one of my favorite toys as a kid!


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