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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ever have a Spiritual Buzz Kill?

As I was trying to prepare myself for church on Sunday, there was a very loud commotion happening outside our door. People where screaming, yelling, saying all sorts of bad things, police everywhere and arrests were being made.
When I see people making the wrong choices in their lives .... my heart does go out the them. It saddens me that if they just had the gospel in their lives that they would have a better life and no so full of drama.

I love this quote from the visiting teaching message this month from Elder M. Russell Ballard:
"The plan of happiness is available to all of his children. If the world would embrace and live it, peace, joy, and plenty would abound on the earth. Much of the suffering we know today would be eliminated if people throughout the world would understand and live the gospel."

Brady and I then head to church. We arrive 1/2 an hour before church starts so that Brady can get the sacrament table ready and help put up chairs in the various class rooms. I set up my class room and then sit in the chapel and listen to the sweet music coming from the organ. I try to spiritually prepare myself for a great meeting. I love going to church and being spiritually fed - my soul and spirit needs it each week.

The meeting starts and is wonderful. A sweet newborn baby is blessed by her father. The prayer is wonderful and you can feel the joy and love to have this precious baby part of their family. Then the two 8 year olds who were baptised on Saturday receive their confirmation and become members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and also receive the Holy Ghost to be a constant companion and guide to them.

As I was having enjoying the meeting..... I hear "Please daddy.....please daddy in a pleading sad voice" I look over to the bench next to me as a Father is super gluing his 4 year old's thumb and forefinger together and holding them together really tight. A terrible feeling is surrounding me. It's horrible. I don't understand this. What did I see? Why did he do that? My heart is breaking for that little boy.

I have a REALLY tough time with men who are jerks. Soooooo what would you have done? This wasn't a man from our ward. It was someone visiting .... Heart breaking isn't it?????

It's sad when we are surrounded by things that dampen the good spirit we want around us. Just yesterday as I was buzzing into the bank to make a deposit - it was closed. There had been a robbery earlier that day. I hate these things we encounter each day from people doing bad things.

I know I must always be spiritually prepared so that I will not be dragged down by what is going on in the world. Another quote from this months visiting teaching message from Elder Robert D. Hales states it beautifully:

"We must live the gospel in such a way that we will have the Spirit to ever be with us. If we live worthily, the Spirit will always be with us. We can then teach by the Spirit .... The reason we pray, study the scriptures, have good friends, and live the Gospel through obedience to the commandments is so that when - not if, but when - the trials come, we are ready."

I love the good group of friends and blogging friends I associate with. I am thankful to everyone of you who continue to uplift me daily. Thank you!

And to those people who are giving me a spiritual buzz kill.... please stop it!!


Cherie said...

So the Dad superglued his kids fingers together right in the chapel? That is truly odd! Why did he do it? What was the purpose? That one stumps me but I can see how it would ruin a Sunday.

I will never forget sitting in Sacrament meeting one time and a lady open hand slapped her young son right across the face - I was so shocked! It really jolted me and that was almost 20 years ago - It was so shocking I remember it like yesterday.

I guess we never know why people do what they do. We all make mistakes but sometimes when you have to witness certain things it is definately disturbing.

Cherie said...
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Rhonda said...

Oh wow just wow. I dont know what I would have done but this makes me ill. If the dad was in our ward of course I would go to the Bishop. That is just heartbreaking Sondra. Knowing me I wouldn't have been able to keep my mouth shut.

Small House said...

OH MY WORD...I'm just sick!!!! Are you serious??? Well, I'm sure you are. I'm afraid of what I might have done. SERIOUSLY, I would have stood up and walked over there. And I'm not kidding, and quietly whispered, "You better fix this or I will." And of course I would have let the mom know how cool they AREN'T! I'm a little buggy when it comes to crap like that. At that point I would have headed up to the bishop. UGH!!! Still sick.

Sorry your day had to be ruined by such a jerk. Maybe you should find out somehow who he was visiting, and his name without saying to much and call child and welfare services. I get so bugged, can you tell???
ANYWAY....Have a great day.

Connie said...

OK, the super gluing the fingers together is appalling and is child abuse! What's up with a jerk doing that in the chapel or any where else for that matter? It makes me wonder what he does at home to the poor child! Why did he have superglue at church in the first place? Very weird.
Let's see...I need to leave you on a different note. OK, here it is. I too am thankful for my blogging friends and that includes you.
Have a great day!

Zoey said...

Interesting, really. It's really hard for me to get anything out of church. Kate is at that stage, but really, super gluing fingers together . . . that is just ridiculous!

Ann Marie said...

What the??

People are WEIRD. ~ And I know what you mean about spiritual buzzkills. I dislike it very MUCH when there is such a good feeling and strong spirit in a meeting or class.. and someone raises their hand and says something weird or inapropriate... Crazy.. weird.. and sad.


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