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Friday, September 18, 2009

What a Crazy Kid!

This is Brady's sophomore picture. He's such a handsome kid and a great one too! His hair was getting VERY long and curly. Finally, we found the time to get it cut. It's tough when he has practise every evening and cross country meets on the weekends. I've been wanting to clean up his neck line for weeks... but he won't let me. We FINALLY got him into the hair dressers and got it cut.

I love it when his hair is cut, cleaned up and styled so nicely. For a while now he has wanted to get his hair dyed blonde. This is a Mom shaking her head...... Should I let him? OK... call me the nicest Mom on the block. We made an appointment to come in the next day (there wasn't time before closing to do it the same day of the hair cut).

Brady picked out a color and he forged ahead into the unknown.
She starts to put the dye in his hair. No turning back now. Are you laughing yet? I am seriously rolling on the floor laughing at my silly kid. I'm glad that I had my camera - aren't you?
You look soooo lovely!
After burning his hair off with the heat from the dye and the blow dryer it's time to get it washed off and see what he is going to look like...
They wash it off with a purple shampoo to help prevent the blonde hair to not look brassy. I thought I'd get the purple tent to the shampoo ..... but you can't see it. Here he is..... ta dah!
Here he is with a new look.... silly blonde locks of hair. I couldn't understand why she only did the top .... and I asked before he went under the blow dryer. She said that they do it in stages?? But, she didn't do anymore throughout his hair... And there are lines of his regular color throughout the top of his hair... I think he wanted it all to be blonde not streaked.... but, it's all good....
He's pretty happy to have a blonde hair.
I like the spiky up lift to his hair. A new look with freshly cut hair and now with blonde streaks.
Here is another look. Such a silly kid.... but it does grow out. I wonder if he'll want to finish the rest of his hair or ever do it again. I guess we'll find out after a day of school... Brady, you are crazy!


The Garden of Egan said...

He's a cute kid! Pretty good sport too to let his mom take pictures of the whole ordeal.
You are so funny, I think I should have had you raise my kids.

Zoey said...

I LOVE it! It is amazing that you got pictures of everything. That is something that you could probably do at home - just dye the whole top!

Kimmie said...

You are an amazing FUN mom to Brady!! BTW...I buy a highlighting kit and we all help each other do highlights (I buy an $11.00 kit and I divide it into thirds and we have 3 different times we can do highlights).

I wish we lived closer and I could how you how easy it is and frugal as well.

I think Brady is VERY lucky to have you for his mom!!'s Friday! Have a great one Friday AND weekend! I'm off to Jade's Cross Country Meet. Saturday means "Stuffed Zucchini"...can't wait to try it out!

Connie said...

All of my boys have done something to their hair. It's just hair, right? Brady looks very cute with blonde locks. I agree with Kimmie, Brady is lucky to have you for his mom!

Anonymous said...

what can I say at least it not a broom private joke . It dose look just OK grandma. :-)

Cherie said...

I love it! When he got in my car yesterday I noticed his hair cut right off - It looks great!

I cannot believe he let you take pictures of him at the salon - Brady is such a good sport.

Rhonda said...

I love it!!!! Good thing he isn't here or all Autumn's friends would be after how hawt he is ;0) Love ya Brady!

Janice said...

Brady is definitely a good sport for letting you take pictures.
I should have come to your blog sooner. I just gave away a bunch of zucchini because I was sick of it.

Lynn said...

What a good sport he was to let you take photos and how cute he looks with his new "do"

Ann Marie said...

Tell Brady Ann Loves it blonde!

I like the color.. the style.. and when it showed him with the blonde coloring in the shampooing picture.. I noticed how blue his eyes are! It makes them POP!


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