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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Life Twists and Turns

Over the past couple of weeks, Brady and I have been playing Life Twists and Turns. I don't know why we don't pull out the games more often, because it's always the best time. The TV's off, we are off the computer and I have Brady's undivided attention.

We tease each other, laugh, talk and enjoy being together.

I love this game and not having to worry about taking care of the money - because you have a credit card that does all of the work. Probably not a realistic way to think of life... but it's easier. I love paying with my debit card and not writing a check, I love paying bills on-line (no check, no stamp and always on time).

I think it's important that when I go grocery shopping with Brady that I pay in cash, so that he gets a picture of what things really cost.

I know that we are suppose to teach our children how to budget. It's something I really should do. We're suppose to get cash or you can use fake money (but I think it is more of a lesson with real money). Then we get our children together with all of the bills and budget it out with a pile of money per all the bill. I've even heard of families who have their children write the check, pay the bills and balance the check book each month.

As my children get older, it's something I hope they will be able to grasp in their lives. Not to get into debt and keep the freedom in your life. Being debt free is freedom! I've made mistakes in life with money because it's been hard as a single mom.... but I am hoping to be debt free (except my house) within the year.

I also hope they find the value of having food storage - because it's like having a raise to purchase things only on sale and having them around as prices rise.

Have you taught your children to budget and be wise with money?


Scrappy Girl said...

I need to start doing this more with manga dork...she does well with her money...but we think we are going to start an allowance and make her save up to purchase things...she's a little spoiled!

Ann Marie said...

I thought we had every board game out there! We are a board game family.. and yet--I have never come accross this one! We'll have to check it out!

I wished I would have learned more about budgeting in HS. I think they should have Dave Ramsey teach a required class. Then we would all be better off! Right out of HS I racked up 15,000 in credit card debt. I was a clothes and shoe freak and poor Chad took my "baggage" of debt into our marriage. I know better now.. but I sure wish I would have known something about credit cards back then..

Zoey said...

Budgeting is just so important, and it's through parents that they learn this real-life concept. We have applied that partially; the children now help plan our vacation and see what money we have to pay for it. It made it even more fun because they knew what we could and couldn't do and they planned it all out. I can't wait to do it next year.

Connie said...

It's so fun to play board games with the kids! This looks like a good one for entertaining and for learning.
Half of my kids are so good with their money, the other half, well, they need more help.
I'm such a tight wad. I need to be careful in that way.
You're right about the food storage and buying things on sale. That's the only way to go!

The Garden of Egan said...

You sound like a totally awesome mom that has it all together!

Kimmie said...

What an awesome game! Now I know what I am getting our family for Christmas!

Better yet, what an AWESOME Post that was perfectly executed. I couldn't have said it better myself. You and I think SO much alike. We are trying really hard to teach our kids about money and that it is better to "wait" for something until you have the money to pay for it, rather than put it on a credit card.

YES, DEBT FREE truly is Freedom!! It's sad that people just don't get that.

AND, we have been telling our kids about food storage and that it is truly awesome to get things while they are on sale because than when the prices rise, you have an abundance and don't have to pay the higher prices.

I just LOVE your blog and all of your thoughts and great suggestions you give!! Thanks for the uplifting comments. You truly are an amazing woman with so much to teach us!

Small House said...

DANG...I wish you wouldn't have asked that last question!!!!! However...our favorite board game is SCRABBLE!!!!

You do have a good perspective on life! I'm always so impressed by everything you do. AMAZING!

Have a great day.


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