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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Brady's AFY Update

Luckily Autumn is at AFY with Brady. She is great at calling and texting her Mom about all of the fun they are having. I never get that with either of my sons. I love girls!!
After the dance on Tuesday night Autumn called her Mom and told her what a blast they had.

Autumn told all the girls in her dorm that Brady didn't like to dance. Sooooo all the girls made Brady dance all night. Yeah!!! You go girls...

This afternoon I received this email from Rhonda:

I'm hearing some interesting things about your son being a ladies man. There were tons of pictures taken of him today by lots of girls. ALL the girls were talking to him today too.

Oh, the fun I am going to have when I see him on Friday... My son the ladies man... I love it.

Luckily I have another year before he turns 16 - and then it is totally double dating until he returns from his mission. (Yes, I'm a mean Mom) LOL!!


Scrappy Girl said...

Ya gotta be tough. I learned this recently...LOL! Hopefully you won't have a gang of family throwing stones at ya!

I totally know why the girls are crazy over Brady...he's a cutie!

Cherie said...

That is so cute!
Brady is a doll so I can totally see how he would be very popular with the girls!!!

Rhonda said...

You are going to get me in a lot of trouble with 2 teens I think.

Janice said...

How fun for your son. I bet he is having so much fun.
Looks like you guys are having some fun activities for the summer.
Our garden got over taken by grasshoppers. Very frustrating.

Small House said...

Pictures of your cute son just scream "LADIES MAN." Look how cute he is!! No wonder the girls are all about getting his attention! What a fun time he must be having.

LOVE YOUR GARDEN! 95 degrees is pretty darn hot. We're usually that by now, but this summer we've been quite slow heating things up. It's actually still green verses the brown we've usually become.

Looks like you'll be having Bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches A LOT!

Have a great day.

Ann Marie said...

I'm glad you have an "in" so you can find out about him....

How fun that he's having a good time! Good rules to set.

PS: My husband LOVES anything about that movie mentioned on my blog. It's from his childhood so it means a bunch to him. I didn't mind the first one, but the 2nd had too much "stuff" in it, and it felt like a 12 year old wrote the script... Some of my friends have liked it-- so you might. It was the WORST movie of the summer for me this year. :(


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