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Friday, June 5, 2009

Movie Review: New In Town

We loved this romantic comedy. We laughed out loud. It is a clean and wholesome movie and I am really glad we rented it. I had no idea what it would be like, it was just a new movie I thought I would watch. It is a winner in my book... I love clean romantic comedy that I can watch with my son with no embarrassment. Yippee!! A great movie...

Lucy Hill (Renée Zellweger) is an ambitious, up and coming executive living in Miami. She loves her shoes, she loves her cars and she loves climbing the corporate ladder.
When she is offered a temporary assignment - in the middle of nowhere - to restructure a manufacturing plant, she jumps at the opportunity, knowing that a big promotion is close at hand. What begins as a straight forward job assignment becomes a life changing experience as Lucy discovers greater meaning in her life and most unexpectedly, the man of her dreams (Harry Connick, Jr.).
I loved the cast and their cute accents. The small homey town warmed my heart - I wish it was like that in this day and age. What a great little town!
If you are a scrapbooker - You will LOVE this!! They scrapbook and show some great snap shots of scrap books.
When you watch it.... make sure you stop by the special feature on Scrap Booking. It made me want to get up and start working on some pages.

It was funny! Thank you for a movie that didn't need nudity, sex and swearing to be enjoyable. "CAN WE PLEASE HAVE MORE?" If you haven't seen it - rent it .... buy it ..... watch it. It's really cute.


Cherie said...

I remember when this movie came out in the theatre I wanted to see it but never did. Then I forgot about it totally.
Thanks for the review it does look funny!

Lynn said...

Oh, my Hubs and I are always looking for a nice romantic, clean movie...I don't think it was in the movie theatres too long ( probably because it didn't hit a certain demographic )

I too wish for more clean movies that you can enjoy without all the blatant whatevers. Thank you for the review too...sounds really sweet !

Zoey said...

I haven't heard of it, but will remember that it's a good one if we need a movie to see.


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