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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Week in review

This week has been such fun! My birthday party was the best one I've every had. Being a single mom ... it's not often that I get any presents for my birthday or for Christmas .... that is how life is and it's really not been a big deal to me because I find the joy in giving.

This year though ... my children went way out in honoring their Mom. They really made the day special. Thanks again - Jason, Sharon and Brady for a wonderful day.

That being said .... Tuesday while I was cleaning a clients home, her son was home sick from school coughing up a storm. I swear he has whooping cough. I hate cleaning when there are sick people there. I am worried that I will catch whatever they have - it's the risk in this business.

When I got home, I felt like I was going to get that cold or whooping cough. My first thought was I need to run to the store and get some Zicam.
I went to the store and looked at all the different types of Zicam to purchase. I was clueless - there were so many. I decided to purchase the nose swab stuff.

I came home and swabbed and I am happy to say that I did NOT get a cold. I think this Zicam really works! Have you tried Zicam? What type did you use? Do you think it works?
While I was at the store I saw the Red Box Movie display and thought I would try it. I've had a couple of free movie coupons in my purse for a while and have been curious about using it. It was easy to use, but I felt slow as people behind me waited.

The only thing I DO NOT like is that you have 24 hours to get it back. I didn't make it - so it wasn't free - it cost $1.. It's OK, but I like getting it back by midnight. I rented it at around 3PM and didn't get it back until 5PM the next day... I wasn't quite sure of the time frame -so it was a lesson learned. I'm sure I'll use it again on a weekend when I know I will make it back on time.
It's been a "Movie Watching" week. We've seen some good one's and some that were so-so.

Last night we watched "Ghost Town". I laughed really hard. There are some bad words which always are a little shocking and really not needed. It has adult humor, I wouldn't recommend it for younger kids. Brady didn't "get" a lot of the referenced humor - but I was dying laughing the whole time. I really could own this movie. I really like the lead character Ricky Gervais. I've watched him several movies and I love his humor and the way he delivers a line. It was funny!
City of Embers was good too - kinda different. I wouldn't buy it but enjoyed watching it.
Eagle Eye was very action packed and fast moving. I knew I would like it. I think Michelle Monaghan is my favorite actor right now. I love every movie he has been in. He is a great actor! Again, it's not a movie I would own like Transformer, but it was good. I always wonder about technology and privacy. It kind of reminded me of I, Robot - with a computer taking over the world, because people make the wrong decisions. We enjoyed watching it.
I thought Night's in Rodanthe would be a great love story. The previews were wonderful and I really wanted to see it. This was the first movie I rented from The Red Box. I'm glad it was only $1 because I did NOT really like it. I HATED the ending... It's not a Love story but tragedy.
I caught Deja vu on TV Monday afternoon. I missed the very first of it but really got into it. I had to leave to clean the business customer I have so I DVR'ed the rest of it to watch later. I thought it was a pretty good movie. I wouldn't buy it but captured my interest and I had a tough time leaving to go work.
Lots of good movies and some bad. I really needed this week to unwind and relax. My way is to sit and watch movies. I am sure I'll be doing the same today! Happy Saturday to everyone!


Scrappy Girl said...

Ok I don't know how I missed your bday celebration post! Oh yeah I do...probably those two sick snotty little ones I had this week! How great! That cake was FABULOUS!

You should have known Nights in Rodanthe wasn't gonna be a love story that went well! It is based on a Nicholas Spark's book! He is the king of the tragedy!

I knew you would love the bloggy makeover I did in honor of 3-21! I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Wow Sondra, looks like you've seen some great movies. Can't wait to see this weekend. See ya! Mom

Zoey said...

I love to use airborne. It usually works for me; I have never tried zicam, but I will keep that in mind.

As for the whooping cough, that really could be a possibility. My friend's daughter and husband had whooping cough almost 2 years ago and they said that it has been going around because there are so many choosing not to get vaccinated. Scary, I know!!!

Love ya and hope you had a great week!

Tierra Lynne said...

Movie days are Fab!
I've seen those Redbox video things around town but I know myself too well, that i wouldnt get it back on time, and they'ed just end up charging me for the whole movie. So, i havent tryed it yet...maybe...I think about it everytime i pass one.

Nicholas Sparks sure knows how to do sappy sad movie. So, with your verdict, I'll pass. I'm all about happy endings. Not the other way around!

As for Zican, I used the one you bought and it work pretty good for me too. Glad you didnt get sick!!!


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