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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Meridian Tree Lighting Ceremony

Friday, December 5th was the annual tree lighting ceremony in Meridian. We always try to attend because it is just a block away from our home. This year they had a huge projector screen that was showing the Grinch stole Christmas as we arrived. They have free Krispy Cream Donuts and Hot Chocolate. They ran out of donuts with a huge line still waiting for some - we were not even close and the line was too long for the hot chocolate. There were tons of people that came, more then they anticipated for the small area.
You can see some of the choirs performing wonderful Christmas songs. We even were able to see them on the big screen - a first for this tree lighting show.
There were people everywhere, TV stations, the Mayor of course. It was a very festive event and the weather was beautiful too.
Rudolf made a showing... Really cute for all the children. I think Brady is getting a little too big for all the excitement of cute furry characters.

You can barely see Brady at the bottom of the photo. It is a huge tree and to get it all in - makes Brady seem really, really small. It was a nice evening shared with lots of Meridians.

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Ann Marie said...

Oh my... That is a HUGE tree!


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