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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I'm a winner of a Twilight Gift Bag!!

I Won!! I Won!!! I Won!!
I am really excited because I never win anything.
Last month I entered in a give away from Scrappy Girls blog... And I won!! I was so very excited to receive this cool gift in the mail - so very exciting because as you know I am an obsessed Twilight fan!. These are the gift bags that she gave away at her birthday and Twilight party on 11/21/08.
She also included an apple in her gift bag but didn't mail that - instead she replaced it with the key chain... !!!! I am very excited about these fun gifts.
Don't you like the fork - for Forks, Washington... Thanks scrappy girl!! I love winning!!


Scrappy Girl said...

I am glad you liked the gifts. I love my keychain...every time I look at it I am reminded of my bday party! I am glad you won!

Cherie said...

That is so cool! We are going to have to start calling you "Twilight Girl"!!

Ann Marie said...

Oh how I LOVE your twilight loot!
Love the "Forks".

I'm glad you commented yesterday.. Thanks.. I wasn't sure if you were bugged with me or something since I hadn't heard from you in a really long while, and I could see you on my sitemeter. I'm glad to know it's just the busyness of this time of year..

If I ever do offend you.. Please e-mail me. I would never want to intentionally hurt anyone..

Zoey said...

WOW! That is so fun to get free stuff!

Autumn said...

This is katie and autumn we are way jealous of that awesome twilight bag. Autumn was a little slow with the "Forks" part. Tell brady and thanks to him hope doesn't want a little brother because she now thinks all boys are evil these are her exact words. "Brady is evil!!!!" So ya.
you need to check out katies blog it is killing her that nobody looks at her blog so pls do. It's
Katie and Autumn


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