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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Flowers, flowers and more flowers!

This is my home and the berm on the left had side of my home. My flowers were beautiful and I thought I'd give you a tour of the beautiful sites at my home.

The brown house next door, caught on fire last year July 2007 and pretty much burned down. They had to complete gut it and rebuild it. It was very scary and my home was in danger of catching on fire too. The firemen, went down the side of my house and broke through the fence to fight it. They made me leave my home and I was really stupid. I didn't take my photo albums, my 72 hour kit, even my purse or keys. I wasn't very smart about being evacuated quickly from my home. It made me really wake up and I've been trying to get prepared and smarter in case an emergency happens again in my neighborhood.

This is my garage and a close up of the flowers and my dwarfs. It's quaint and small. There is an alley in the back of my house where I drive and park my cars. I painted my dwarfs.

These are a couple of shots of my patio or the outside room to my home. I have a TV out there and spend most of my time outside on my patio. It is very cozy. Oh, and I have curtains that I tie up and undo when the sun is beating down in the afternoon. It keeps the patio cooler.

To the back of my property is a cement pad that used to be a dog run. Since I don't have a dog anymore, I would like to put a shed on it someday. In the mean time, I have dressed it up with pots of flowers and more dwarfs. These dwarfs were purchased at the dollar store. They have been fading in the sun and I have been painting them when I have time. Dopey still hasn't been painted and is very pale.
Also, this little patio serves as the fire pit area.

A few other areas in my back yard. Yes, I have lots and lots of flowers this year. It looks awesome!

This is an island in the middle of the back yard with miniature roses, flowers, bird bath and the purple flower is called "obedience".

I hope you have enjoyed some sites of my yard in 2008. I have really enjoyed playing in the dirt this year.

1 comment:

Ann Marie said...

I LOVE all of your flowers!!
They all are beautiful....
I have Obedience too.. A very unique plant, that can get out of hand...not very obedient! :)

It's always been special to me because we transplanted it from the temple. :) I wondered if they planted it there just because of the name...


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